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I imagine they would be similar to other eu countries, it might even be a law under the eu itself, try looking up "emancipation of minors eu". But really, if you are a minor trying to get emancipated, I think they are quite difficult requirements, for instance I think you have to either get married or become economically self-sufficient or get a degree or other similar practices to make you able to survive in the outside world. Plus you shouldn't get emancipated, it would strip you of your social status, and I'm not sure if emancipated minors are eligible for free education, which means if you want to stay at school, you would have to go to a private sschool and pay for it yourself. If you are just curious, sorry about the little rant, I just dont think it is the right way for any minor, capable or incapable, to go.

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Q: What are the emancipation laws fr minors in the UK?
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