What are the enemies of the red panda?

Predators of red pandas include snow leopards, martens and humans.

The main enemies of the red panda are mountain lions and leopards. The main enemy of the red panda is men because men are cutting down their habitat. Poor little Red Pandas
The Red Panda's predators are snow leopards, martens (weasels), and humans. The species has faced a great deal of human-induced habitat destruction.
When the Red Panda is threatened or pursued, they will retreat to the trees and climb to escape their predators. The Snow Leopard is the Red Panda's main predator, since the Snow Leopard can follow them up into the trees. If they are cornered they will lash out with their semi-retractile claws. For more details, see the sites listed below.
Red panda is a carnivorous mammal that is normally found in the temperate mountain forest in the Himalayas. This mammal is also called red cat-bear or lesser panda because until this day's science can't still recognize its exact connection. It is a carnivorous mammal, so it eats grasses, berries and even eggs, rats, mice, and baby birds.