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When you trash materials that can be recycled, they are usually thrown on the surface of the earth, making our planet a stinky, nasty place. When you recycle, your recyclables go to a recycling plant where your materials are reused.

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To cause global warming, and destroy the South Pole

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to help and save the environment

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The delivery of products for reuse saves money.

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Q: What are the environmental reasons for recycling?
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There are plenty of gains of recycling metals like: It conserves natural resources It saves energy

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There are various ways that you can sign up with environmental services such as recycling in the Chicago Illinois area. Look in the government section of your Yellow Pages and call your local recycling center to set up volunteer work.

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recycling leads to efficiency. environmental sustainability and conservation. combats inflation. the recent statistics shows that recycling is one of the growing sectors in employment. savings.

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The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of recycling centers on its website:

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Recycling aluminum saves energy and reduces the environmental damage done by mining bauxite. In addition to saving energy, recycling paper instead helps to save water.

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there is less trash to be put on earth because as much wot be used :D

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