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What are the equipments needed in sewing?

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2012-08-11 05:53:38

the equipments needed in sewing are needle thread fabric

Per Cassie Wilkerson:

This depends on the type of sewing one is doing the basics





*But you also need for efficiency a basic sewing machine.

Sewing patterns

*Pins (hold patterns in place to fabric for cutting or hold a

hem in place to sew)

*Pin cushion (hold pins & needles but do so w/ thread in

needle eye prevent losing needle into pin cushion to pull out via

the thread)


*Needle threader

*Needle box with magnet (prevent losing needle and getting


Spare bobbins

*Scissors (to cut fabric or thread)

Seam ripper (to undue mistakes to remove stitching or alter hems

to remove current stitching for modification)

Measuring tape (take body adjustments waist or ect)

Grease pencil (marking to make adjustments where to sew)

Needles vary pending the type of stitch or work

Thread vary pending color of fabric and or type of fabric


various fabrics pending the type of garment or item you desire

to sew

Iron & Iron board (to remove creases & wrinkles for a

better sewing job)

Of course a clean flat work surface - to lay out fabric and

apply fabric patterns

If clothing (zippers, buttons and fastners or for waist bands

even elastic bands)

Sometimes fabric starch - (aid in manipulate some fabrics for

detail sewing creases pin-tucking and other designs.

Sewing machines do vary depending the type of sewing work

Sergers and even long arm sewing machines for quilt making.

It doesn't have to be as elaborate but the starred **items

are usually the basic needs again it depends on the type of sewing

usually most will only need a standard travel sewing kit to

reattach a button or repair a minor rip or fallen hem.

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