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Seed bearing plants have cotyledons in their embryos. In angiosperms there are dicot plants having two cotyledons in the embryo and monocots having only one cotyledon. Examples of dicots are pea, gram, soybean etc. and of monocots are - wheat, barley, paddy and maize etc.

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Examples of one cotyledon AND two cotyledon seeds?


What other example of seed with one cotyledon?

maize is one of the examples of monocot

What are the two types of flowering plants and how are they different?

The two types are monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants.Monocotyledons have only one cotyledon within the seed, while dicotyledonous have two cotyledon leaves.Examples of monocotyledons are: grasses, bamboos, lilies, orchids and palmsExamples of dicotyledonous are: daisies, roses etc (plenty of examples)

How does a cotyledon work?

cotyledon work are cotyledon,epicotyl,hypocotyl,radide,seed coat,hilum

What Seeds with one cotyledon?

Monocot Seeds have one cotyledon. The Corn (kernel) has one cotyledon.

Examples of monocot seeds?

Mongo seed is an example of a monocot seed it has one cotyledon only and other has two cotyledon they are called dicots . Strawberries, oranges, grapes and tomatos are examples of dicots.Dicots and monocots are abbreviation only, the full name for Dicots is Dicotyledon and for Monocots is Monocotyledon.

What is another name for seed leaf?


What is the importance of cotyledon?

The cotyledon is the nutrient storage area of the seed.

What does a seed with two cotyledon called?

a seed with two cotyledon dicot.

What does the cotyledon do?

it is the inside of the seed The cotyledon provides nourishment to the seedling at the time of germination

Is pigeon pea has 1 cotyledon?

No,pigeon pea doesn't have cotyledon in it at all.

Function of cotyledon?

The cotyledon is the stored food in a seed. The embryo uses it as food while it's growing. The cotyledon will become the leaves of the new plant.

What is an cotyledon?

A cotyledon is a part of embryo within the seed of a plant. The baby is present between cotyledon. in a baby plant'a new root system and a shoot system are present that grows in to a new plant. Seed with one cotyledon are called monocotyledon or monocots . Seed with two cotyledon are called dicotyledon or dicots

How many cotyledons does the monggo seed have?

Monggo seeds have one cotyledon because it is monocot seed. Monocot seed has one cotyledon but dicots has two cotyledon.

What is the specific name of a plant with one cotyledon?

Monocotyledonae, or monocots, are plants that have a single cotyledon.

What is an angiosperm that has one cotyledon or seed leaf?

Well, an angiosperm with one cotyledon is a monocot.

What is a sentence using the word cotyledon?

Cotyledon is the part of plants that storage the food coming from the plants

What is a cotyledon?

A part of a seed which is inside the seed coat is called cotyledon and it contains EMBRYO and the stored food

During plant development one function of the cotyledon is to?

Supply food to the developing embryo is the purpose of the cotyledon.

What is a seed leaf?


What is cotyledon made of?


A monocot is an angiosperm that has?

A cotyledon

Is cotyledon the same as seed leaf?

Yes, the cotyledon is the seed leaf, or embryonic leaf, in seed-bearing plants.

Can you explain what a monocot seed is and give examples of monocot plants?

a seed which has one cotyledon is known as moncot seeds.examples-wheat ,maize,corn,rice,onion,sarson,rose plant,garlic,coconut banana

Function of a cotyledon?

The cotyledon is the fleshy part of a seed. It provides vital nutrients to the plant in its infancy, helping its initial growth.