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Q: What are the examples of foreshadowing in Lord of the Flies in Chapter 1?
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What are 3 examples of foreshadowing?

Foreshadowing is a literary technique that involves dropping hints about forthcoming events before they happen. Some examples include the witches in Macbeth foreshadowing all the awful events to come in the story; or the part in The Wizard of Oz where the house is stuck in a cyclone and Dorothy sees Ms. Gulch turn into a witch. Another example would be in the Twilight Zone episode where the woman sees the sales lady who rang her up being trotted past her as a mannequin.

What would happen in chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies?

There is no chapter 13 in The Lord of the Flies. The last chapter in the Lord of the Flies is chapter 12.

Foreshadowing devices in Lord of the Flies?

When roger pushes the boulder off the cliff at the start of the novel and at the end of the novel he pushes a boulder which KILLS Piggy.There's also the parts in chapter 7 where Simon says to Ralph "I just think you'll get back alright-" He's foreshadowing that he dies. And in the same chapter, after the first pig-hunt-dance Roger says "You want a real pig, because you've got to kill it," to which Jack retorts "Use a littun," also foreshadowing Simon's death. At the end of chapter 8, when Simon is talking to the Lord of the Flies, there is another foreshadowing of his death. William Golding was really trying to make sure you knew Simon would die.Fire on the Mountain, chapter 2, the big fire is foreshadowing to the end of the book, where the whole island is ablaze again.

What does drum roll symbolize in the lord of the flies chapter 2?

At the end of Chapter 2 (P47), the author mentions "the drum-roll". What kind of figure of speech is it? State its symbolic or foreshadowing function.??CAN SOMEONE HELP ME??!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

What happens in chapter 6 of lord of flies?