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What are the executor's fees in Wisconsin?

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Executor fees are determined by the probate court based on statutory formula, 857.05 (2)

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What document is needed for filing the income from executors fees?

That depends on which country or state that you live in.

Do executors fees need to be approved by the court?

Yes, the court must approve the expenditure. They typically will approve reasonable rates.

What has the author Eric Smith Vance written?

Eric Smith Vance has written: 'The law and practice in Victoria and an examination of the case law of Australia and New Zealand relating to executors commission' -- subject(s): Executors and administrators, Fees

Is it legal to take executor fees in Wisconsin?

Of course it is legal.

What is the Attorney estate fee in New Jersey?

The estate's attorney's fees in NJ are not fixed in terms of percentages the way executors' and administrators' commissions are. An attorney usually charges by the hour according to work done in helping the executor. Sometimes attorneys and executors agree on a flat fee for the attorney's services. In the end though the attorney's fees have to be reasonable considering the work that had to be done. If beneficiaries believe the fees charged are unreasonable, they can challenge them.

Can collection agencies add fees and interest to accounts in Wisconsin?


Can there be two executors if there is not a will?

If the court agrees, two executors can be appointed.

What does the term coindependent executors mean?

co-independent executors

Do the executors of a will have to jointly give permission for the other executors to see the will?

All executors have the right to see the will, they cannot execute it if they do not have access to it.

When a proprty is sold do both executors get the money?

Executors do not get the money, it goes to the estate. The executors distribute the estate per the will or laws of intestacy.

What happens if one executor wants to put her children as executors and the othe executor disagrees?

Executors don't appoint executors. The court appoints them.

What is the hourly rate for an executor?

The amount an executor can charge varies from state to state. You need to check the laws in your state. You could try a search for 'executors fees in your state'.

How do you take your and your husbands name off a will as executors?

My husband and I are executors of a will and want to cancel this.

As an heir and executor of your fathers estate you must pay taxes on fees paid to you What is the tax rate?

Heirs do not pay tax. The decadent's estate pays any applicable tax. Fees paid to executors may be taxable. Check with state and Federal tax codes.

If you take someone to court can you also sue them for your lawyers fee also?

My sister and I are co-executors of my mothers estate if she is not abiding by the will and I take her to court can I ask that she be liable for all attorney fees?

Is it the duty of the executors to inform all beneficiaries of what is happening with an estate?

It is the duty of executors to inform all beneficiaries of what is happening with an estate. The executors have to keep the beneficiaries updated every step of the way.

What happens when the two executors of a will denounce their roles as executors?

They must notify the court and the court will appoint an executor.

Will Wisconsin pay the extradition fees for misdemeanor warrants if I'm in Arizona?

Depends on what it is. A misdemeanor or tickets - probably not.

If 2 executors can 1 carry out tasks without permission from the other?

Generally, if two executors are named in the will and then appointed by the court as co-executors they must act together unless the will provides that either can act alone.

Can a will be changed without informing the original executors?

The testator can change the will any time they wish. And the executors don't need to be informed.

Do you have to list 2 executors on a will?

You do not have to name any executors in a will. The court will appoint someone if there is none or the ones named decline the responsibility.

Can you have three executors?

Yes, you can have three executors. But having more than one tends to create friction and problems if they do not agree.

How do 2 estate executors share fees?

They usually base it on the amount of work each did. If they each did half the work, they would split the fee. If one only did 10% of the work, they should only get 10% of the fee.

Can you have both your children as executors?

Yes you certainly can and they can also be your trustees too!! Some people also have more than 2 executors!!

What executors are allowed to probate a will in the state of Texas?

The executors that are appointed by the court. The court will issue a letter of authority to the appropriate executor(s).