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What are the extraneous factors for business?

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There are an endless array of both internal and external factors that can have either a positive or negative affect on business operations. External factors would include changes in the economy, government regulation, war, weather (i.e. hurricanes, flooding, etc.), competition and market changes, among others. Usually external factors are beyond the control of management.

2006-07-27 19:17:09
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Q: What are the extraneous factors for business?
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We shall ignore any extraneous factors.

A sentence with the word extraneous?

She wished he would get to the point, but he kept focusing on extraneous details. It was extraneous to their situation. Extraneous is an adjective.

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extraneous " not pertinent; irrelevant: an extraneous remark; extraneous decoration."

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The lab technicians said that the stray hair found on the toilet seat was from a previous guest who'd stayed in the hotel room, and was totally extraneous to the investigation.Exactly what I saw that night, I'm not sure, but it was extraneous to this plane of existence, and it still gives me nightmares.All seem to make values depend on extraneous factors.Many people may not want all this extraneous software cluttering up their hard drive.

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Extraneous means 'coming from the outside'.

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An extraneous detail is a detail that comes from the outside

What are Environmental factors that affect a business?

how environmental factors affect in business

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M. F. O'Reilly has written: 'The influence of extraneous factors on displacement perimetry thresholds'

What are factors of business communication?

wht are the factors of communication in business?// i need the answer please

What are the factors affecting business policy?

There are many different factors that affect business policy. These different factors range from shareholders to the dividend policy of a certain business.

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The demand of the business school and the number of business school are some of the factors to consider when starting a business school.

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1. it answers the questions being investigated,2. extraneous factors are controlled, and3. the degree of generalization that can be made is valid.

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The crowd's not entirely silent, but there's not too much extraneous talking.

What are the internal and external factors in business environment?

Some internal factors that impact the business environment include competitors and business resources. External factors that affect the business environment barriers to entry and government regulations.

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One handy way to dodge a difficult question is to earnestly begin talking about something extraneous to it.

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In an experiment f is the control variable g is the response variable and h and k are extraneous factors. The specific units of are referred to as the treatments of the experiment.?


In an experiment h is the control variable k is the response variable and l and m are extraneous factors. The specific units of are referred to as the treatments of the experiment?


What are internal risks in business?

Human factors, Physical factors, and technological factors.

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No. Sometimes they are both extraneous.

What are reasons for cancer nowadays?

There are extraneous factors and internal factors that can cause cancer. The extraneous factors include chemical factors, like nitrosamines, physical factor, such as radiation, and biological factors, like RNA virus. The internal factors include inherent causes, Immune factors, as well as Endocrine factors. Therefore, not only enviromental, inherent reasons, but also eating habits, work-rest habits can also determine whether a person will get cancer or not. However, the most important thing is not to cure cancer but to forecast cancer and to prevent cancer. Now genetic testing for cancer is available. I have ever seen a website about genetic testing for cancer at CD Genomics website. Hope this is more helpful for us.

Internal and external factors that influence business environment?

Internal factors that influence the business environment include businesses that believe in innovation. External factors that influence the business environment include government regulations.

What factors affect the globalization of an business?

Various factors can affect the globalization of a business. For example, cultural factors may affect how viable a product is in a certain location.

What does extraneous mean?

Not pertinent, irrelevant

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