What are the factor which hamper quality education in manipur?

Like all other systems in Manipur, the system of education is also corrupt that turn sides with those who are rich and well to do. With powers and money corrupting the system, it has failed to provide fair and quality education to the masses. One may try to differentiate between the educations systems in the hills from that of the valley. Lack of choices in the available courses, failure of the state government to meet the needs of the higher secondary students, failure of parents to send their children outside the state due to weak financial conditions, etc are major contributing factors that has led to the black hole in the education system of Manipur. The system of education in the hills faces many more challenges then the system in the valley. One of the most common challenges is the language barrier as Manipur is a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic state. Besides this, other factors such as cultural upheaval, Militancy crises, political unrest and economic stagnation all play a major role in hampering the education system of Manipur. Right now, education in Manipur is undergoing a major crisis as a result of the imbalance. It is important for each one of us to understand that education is the vital source of the nation's strength and a ray of hope for the future of Manipur.