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One of Chicago�s famous buildings is the Auditorium Building. � Designed by the famous architects/engineer: Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan with a staff that included the young Frank Lloyd Wright. � The building was originally designed as a luxurious hotel and opera house/theatre. � Louis Sullivan designed its decoration and is considered to be one of the creators of Art Nouveau. � Dankmar Adler is considered to be one of the great engineers of the 19th century. He also designed the theater�s acoustics; so perfect that every word on its stage could be easily heard in the top gallery six stories up and a half block away. � Frank Lloyd Wright called the theatre �the greatest room for music and opera in the world.� Enrico Caruso sang there; Richard Strauss, Sergei Prokofiev, and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov all conducted there. � It was the first new building in the world to be electrically lit and the first to be air conditioned via forced air directed over water and blocks of ice. In 1887, President Grover Cleveland laid the cornerstone and in 1889, President Benjamin Harrison dedicated the Auditorium. also the autorium theatere bulding was going to be torn down at one point, but it is built so strongly that it would cost more to tear it down then to buldi the bulding that was going to be built there. Architecture is to Chicago as Renaissance Painting is to Florence. Chicago is a veritable living museum of architecture. The Chicago Architecture foundation conducts hundreds of tours to remarkable buildings, even has an excellent river tour. Some of the styles represented are the Chicago School, International Style, Art Deco, Post Modern and Deconstructionist. The steel-girder skyscraper was invented in Chicago. Some of its most famous buildings are: Willis Tower (Sears Tower), The Prudential Building, The Aon Building, The Stone Container Building, Wrigley Field, Tribune Tower, The Rookery, The Santa Fe Building, The Art Institute, the Field Museum, The Wrigley Building, The John Hancock Building, Water Tower Place, The Pritzker Pavilion, and others too numerous to mention. There are very few buildings in the Chicago Loop that are without architectural significance. Check out the AIA Guide to Chicago (American Institute of Architects) which will give you details on almost any building in the city.

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Q: What are the famous buildings in Chicago?
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