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What are the fastest computers?

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supercomputers. Big Blue's (IBM) BlueGene;

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Who owns the fastest computer?

The fastest computers are Super computers which are owned by many scientific organizations and cost much

These are high capacity computers considered to be the fastest calculating machines?

Super Computers

What is the fastest RAM available for desktop computers?

What's the fastest RAM available today for desktops

What is the fastest ram on today computers?

Ddr3 sdram

Which are the fastest most powerful and most expensive computers?


What is the fastest computer that is not a super computer and available to the average citizen?

The fastest computers are constantly changing. Even if I knew the answer right now, I would be wrong next week. Most the fastest computers today are designed for high performance gaming from companies such as Alienware.

Are super computer fastest computers and are they more powerful than personal computers?

super computers are the fastets computers, but usally used in companies or for people who play highspec games like skyrim etc.

What are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance?


What are the fastest most powerful computers?

Probably An Intel i7Xeons,Quadcores,Phenoms.

Who held the crown as maker of the world's fastest computers From 1963 through 1980?


What are the fastest most powerful computers and the most expensive a Embedded computers b Supercomputers c Mainframes d Mobiles devices?

B: Supercomputers

What is the fastest computer brand?

There is no brand that is the fastest. Brands make different kinds of computers, some with low RAM, some with high dual core processors.

Characteristics of super computer?

Super computers are the fastest types of computers. They are very expensive and are used specialized applications that require vast amounts of mathematical calculations.

Which is the fastest processor for desktop computers?

Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8870

What is the fastest RAM for desktop computers?

16 is the max I believe or maybe 24 Im not sure

The fastest computers?

BlueGene/L, the fastest computer in the world, is located in the Terascale Simulation Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. check this out

How do you connect two Macintosh?

You can buy a firewire cord. That is the fastest and easiest way to connect two computers.

What is the current fastest computer?

a machine with a core I7 processor. there is although super computers start at about 10k

What is the most fastest and expensive computer?

Each company offers its own array of expensive computers. Dell now owns Alienware who has some of the most expensive and fastest gaming computers on the market. Apple has the Macintosh desktop which can cost in the tens of thousands but isn't necessarily the fastest machine in the world. HP offers the Voodoo PC line. Custom built computers can be faster than nearly any computer you buy and cost you half the price, if you know what you are doing.

What are the fastest fighter planes?

Until the advent of the flying computers (F16, F22, etc.); the fastest in service fighter was the twin engined F-4 Phantom II. or an RAF spitfire

Difference Table between micro computers and mini computers and main frame and super computers?

micro computers can occupy physically a small amount of space compared to main frame and mini computer, as we all know for today that super computers are the most fastest high performance system and also has a largest memory.

What is the fastest computer ram?

It goes up to 2000mhz now, on the most expensive and high-end computers. These are OverClocked

Who can speak of what are good quality notebook computers?

The best notebook computers are made by apple. The macbook pro notebook is the best laptop out there in my opinion. It is the fastest and the simplest notebook to use and understand.

What do Boxx technologies produce?

One will find that Boxx Technologies produce high performance workstation computers. The Boxx Technologies Company is noted for producing the world's fastest workstation computers.

Lately my computers became very slow youtube videos wont buffer and just opening folders take forever a week ago it was fine computers were the fastest computers ive ever seen what happened?

check to see if it's turned on

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