What are the fastest land animals?

To name a few of them...

Cheetah 70

Pronghorn Antelope 61

Wildebeest 50

Lion 50

Thomson's Gazelle 50

Quarter Horse 47.5

Elk 45

Cape Hunting Dog 45

Coyote 43

Gray Fox 42

Hyena 40

Zebra 40

Mongolian Wild Donkey 40

Greyhound 39.35

Whippet 35.5

Rabbit (domestic) 35

Mule Deer 35

Jackal 35

Reindeer 32

Giraffe 32

White-Tailed Deer 30

Warthog 30

Grizzly Bear 30

Cat (domestic) 30

Human 27.89

Elephant 25

Black Mamba Snake 20

Six-Lined Racerunner 18

Wild Turkey 15

Squirrel 12

Pig (domestic) 11

Chicken 9

Spider (Tegenaria atrica) 1.17

Giant Tortoise 0.17

Three-Toed Sloth 0.15

Garden Snail 0.03

peregrine falcon (the fastest out of the all) reaches a speed over 320 mph!!

MPH (miles per hour) is the unit of measurement for the speeds of animals

Leopards are also very quick. They have been clocked at 90 kmph but can only keep it up for 50-60m

A good list, but with a few inaccuracies. The lion, for example, can run only to 34 mph, not 50, and the white tailed deer can run up to 44 mph, much faster than the 30 listed above. Also, black mambas cannot run 20 mph, closer to ten actually.

You forgot the ostrich, which is the second fastest animal on earth.