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Q: What are the fees charged for the Ronald Reagan tollway?
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What are the fees charged for the Tri-State Tollway?

There are different tolls at different toll plazas. Here is a link with all the tolls:,1495185

What is disbursement fees in shipping?

Disbursement fees in shipping are fees charged to ship a product. Shipping fees are charged to the account number on the air bill or slipping slip.

Can late fees be charged by eye surgeons?

If their billing agreements call for it, late payment fees can be charged by anyone.

What merchant fees are charged by the Discovery card?

Some merchant fees charged could be shipping and handling fees to help offset cost to the company. Another fee charged by discovery card is processing.

Pertaining to this answer Who will be responsible for the lawyers fees?

If you have a repossession then the lawyer fees will be charged to you.

Can you still be charged late fees and over-limit fees on accounts you close?

Yes, if you are over limit and you may be charged late fees unless you pay down to your limit.

How come some charge condo fees and some dont?

Condominiums charged assessments to owners, in order to pay for the operation of the community. All condominiums collect assessments. In some communities, there may be optional fees for asset use, such as greens fees or pool fees. These fees are charged for use and may not be charged to owners who do not use the asset.

How do lawyers fees work?

Generally: In criminal cases fees are charged hourly (contingent fees not allowed) In civil cases, fees can be charged hourly or on a contingency basis. If contingency, the lawyer gets a % of the award to the plaintiff ( contingent fees not allowed in most family law matters)

Can you still be charged any fees after you close a credit card account?

You can be charged any fees that were applicable to the account when it was still open. Yes, fees and interests will still be applied as long as there is an account balance.

Can I cash a US personal check in Canada?

for sure you can,but you are charged service fees or bank fees

Are roaming fees charged without making a call?


What kind of fees are generally charged by a trading brokerage firm?

There are not too many fees. The main fees are a commision, buying, and selling fee.

Why are the students in England protesting?

Because they are about to be charged tuition fees.

you keep returning my payments..then charging me late fees?

If the payment is received after the due date, late fees can be charged.

Do you get charged fees for using app trailers?

I dont plan on using but a few people i know do use it and you do not get charged

What fees are charged by ace cash express?

how much interest for $500.00

Should slotting fees be outlawed?

Slotting fees is the fees that are charged to the suppliers for selling the products of a particular company. This creates a barrier to entry for small businesses who are unable to pay that fees and needs to be outlawed.

What is the law on late charges and other fees charged by public housing?

Most Section 8 housing is exempt from late fees.

Can Overdraft fees be charged for checking bank balances online?

If you try to spend more money than you have in your account you will be charged overdraft fees no matter if you are using online banking or physical checks or credit cards.

Is there such thing as bankruptcy class ?

According to the allegations underlying the class action complaint, plaintiffs have home loans that are held or serviced by Wells Fargo Bank, and they allege that the Bank charged, or charged and collected, unreasonable and unapproved post-petition professional fees and costs during the pendency of their bankruptcies. A Id., at 2. The fees and costs challenged by the class action " which include such things as bankruptcy attorneys fees, recording fees, notification fees, title search fees, document fees, and property inspection fees

Are tuition and fees charged every semester or every year in college?


Can I be charged for rental and impound fees if vehicle is not in your possession?

The fees and fines are the responsibility of the registered owner. You can sue the driver if you want to get the money back

What was the nickname given to high fees charged for manufactured goods from Europe?

what was the nickname given to high fee charged for manufactured goods from Europe

The Number of days to run a balance before fees or interest are charged?

Grace Period...

Can you be charged interest on lawyer fees?

There is no reason you can't be, particularly if you have failed to pay on time.