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What are the first 8 alkane?

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The first eight alkanes are:

  • Methane
  • Ethane
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Pentane
  • Hexane
  • Heptane
  • Octane
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How many hydrogens are in a alkane with 8 carbons?

An linear alkane with eight carbons will have thirteen hydrogen atoms bonded to the carbon atoms.

An alkane with 3 carbon atoms would have how many hydrogen atoms in the molecule?

The generic formula for an alkane is CnH(2n + 2).Therefore, an alkane with 3 carbon atoms would have 8 hydrogen atoms.

What is the fifth alkane?

the fifth alkane is pentane

How many hydrogen atoms are present in a three-carbon alkane?

8. The number of hydrogen atoms in an alkane having n carbon atoms is 2n + 2 hydrogen atoms.

Is methane a alkane?

Methane is an alkane and has the formula CH4.

Is octane an alkane?

Octane is an alkane and has the formula C8H18.

What is the first member of the homologous series of alkanes?

Methane, CH4, is the first member of the alkane series.

Describe the polarity of alkane molecules?

Alkane molecules are nonpolar.

What is ethanoic acid a alkene or a alkane?

I'm pretty sure it is an Alkane.

Is methane an alkane or alkene?

Methane is an alkane. It has no double bonds which alkenes do have.

Is C14H28 an alkane formula?

No. The alkane would be C14H30 It's an alkene.

Is methane is the only alkane?

No, there are many alkanes; methane is the simplest alkane.

Is it possible for an alkane to be an isomer of an alkene?

Yes, if the alkane is cyclic and the alkene is not.

Is ethane an alkane?

Yes, ethane is the only 2-carbon alkane.

Are alkanes used in petrol and octane?

Petrol is a mixture of alkanes. Octane is an alkane with 8 carbon atoms.

What is made when an alkane is cracked?

When an alkane is cracked, alkenes and shorter alkanes are produced.

Is Octane is seven carbon linear alkane?

No. Octane is an alkane but it has eight carbons.

How many covalent bonds are in an alkane?

The simplest alkane, methane (CH4), has 4 covalent bonds. So for the first carbon, start with 4 covalent bonds and then add 3 of each carbon after that.

Pharmaceutical uses of alkane?

The pharmaceutical use of alkane is often used in general anesthesia. Alkane is a compound of halothane which is a general anesthetic agent.

What is formula for alkane?

any alkane consists of a string of carbon molecules with covalent SINGLE bonds between adjacent carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are then single bonded to two hydrogen atoms each, and the carbon atoms on the end of the chain that are only bonded to one other carbon atom each get 3 hydrogens. so an alkane with 2 carbons gets 6 hydrogen, an alkane with 3 carbons gets 8, an alkane with 4 carbons gets 10, etc. So the formula is CnH2n+2. This means if you have 'n' carbon atoms in the alkane, you have 2n+2 hydrogen atoms.

What is the formula for alkane?

The generic formula for a non cyclic alkane is CxH(2x + 2).

Can spraying alkane save ozone depletion?

No , it does not. Alkane react with ozone . Gil Tenne

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