What are the five generation of computer how are they classified?

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First generation (1940-1956) Vaccum Tubes
Second Generation(1956-1963)Transistors
Third Generation(1964-1971)Integrated circuits
Fourth Generation(1971-present)Microprocessors

We already know about some of the early computers - ENIAC , EDVAC , EDSAC , UNIVAC I and IBM . These machines and others of their time used thousands of vacuum tubes . A vacuum tube was a fragile glass device , which used filaments as a source of electronics and could control and amplify electronic signals . It was the only high-speed electronic switching device available in those days . These vacuum tube computers could perform computations in milliseconds and were referred to as first generation computers.
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What are the five generations of computers and how are they classified?

First Generation of the computers was developed by two scientists MAUCHLY and ECHERT in the year 1947. These computer were consist of Vacuum tube and they are not much reliable. . Second Generation of computers was developed by John Bardeen, William Brattain and William Shockley in ( Full Answer )

What is computer generation?

Any of several systems of computer classification or taxonomy having a timeline organization: with each generation spanning a period of time in succession. The system may be based on technology used (vacuum tube, transistor, IC), architecture (separate business and scientific, general purpose, CISC ( Full Answer )

Whats classifies a computer?


What classifies a computer?

An electronic because you need to pluge it in and if it is not then the battery will go low and die on you during something important.

Pictures of five generation of computer?

Pictures of the five generations of computers are not as easy to find as one might think. The best way to find them is to use a search engine and type in "(first, second…one at a time) generation of computers." Though some of the ad pictures at the bottom of the page might be offensive to some, ( Full Answer )

Define what classifies a computer?

Well what basically Classifies a computer is a Instrument of Technology it has help us out in the future, It has advanced technology so i don't care and you are dumb for reading this!

Describe the five generations of computer?

The first generation was simple wooden computers like the abacus. The next was metal or brass computers used in ship navigation and other more complex tasks, such as the astrolabe. The third generation are vaccum tube based large computers like the UNIVAC, capable of complex business tasks and datab ( Full Answer )

How many generations of computer are there and how are they classified?

1. Desktop, the kind that, well, sit on a desk and do whatever you need it to do 2. Notebook/Laptop, the portable computer that you can take almost anywhere 3. Server, the kind that are as big as a fridge, and can power up to 100+ PCs 4. Mini, like the laptop, but smaller 5. Palmtop, the sma ( Full Answer )

What are computer generation?

Computer generation is using Software to make images. The imagescan be real pictures that are altered by the Software or imagesthat are totally computer made. Some movies are now made this wayto achieve very dramatic effects.

What computer architecture first generation computer?

In first generation and second generation computers there was no concept of architecture , the implementation was the architecture and every model of computer was totally different. Software portability did not exist, unless both machines were identical models with no custom features (and custom fe ( Full Answer )

Five generation of computer display in table format?

First Generation: 1942-1955 Vacuum Tubes or Valves Ø used vacuum tubes as electronic circuit Ø magnetic drum for primary storage Ø mercury delay lined for memory Ø punch-card used as secondary storage Ø machine level programming used Ø operating speed was used in te ( Full Answer )

What is generation of computer?

A group of computers built in the same general time frame with the same general technologies.

What is generic computer?

A generic computer is a computer that doesn't have a brandassociated with it. Brands to computers include: Acer, HewlettPackard and AlienWare.

What are five molecules classified as carbohydrates?

Molecules classified as carbohydrates are: Glucose, mannose, Fucose, Galactose. These are Monosaccharides - they contain a single carbohydrate. They are also considered neutral sugars because they do not have a charge. Glucuronic acid, and the Sialic acids are acidic carbohydrates. These are also m ( Full Answer )

What are five classes into which echinoderms have been classified?

Class Crinoidea consists of the sea lilies. Class Holithuriudea consists of the sea cucumbers. Class Asteroidea consists of the sea stars Class Ophiuroidea consists of all of the brittle stars Class Concentricycloidea "sea daisies Class Echinoidea sea urchins and sand dollars

What are the computers that belong to first generation of computer?

That would be a computer that was entirely mechanical. Historians like to compare certain kinds of cloth weaving equipment to mechanical computers.. The first generation computers are normally considered to be the ones built with vacuum tubes and span the time period from the early 1940s to abou ( Full Answer )

What are the five scientific main classified organisms?

\nIt's not clear if you're asking about the five kingdom classification by Margulis.\n. \nThe five kingdoms are\n. \n1. Monera\n. \n2. Protoctista\n. \n3. Animalia\n. \n4. Fungi\n. \n5. Plantae

Why computers are classified into different generations of computer?

I'm not sure if you are referring to specific computer, for example the ML350 servers that HP build. If you are referring to this type of generation, then a new generation of computer indicates an upgrade to the model, including a different (more up to date) hardware package, this would be to suppor ( Full Answer )

How can computers be classified?

Look at the specification of the computers you wish to classify. Evey item in the specification can be included in a classification. Processor speed. Physical size. Memory in chips Memory on Disk Connector types Price desktop, tablet, netbook, Laptop. ....... Your classification can be by anyone of ( Full Answer )

Is a computer have a generator?

A computer does not have a generator, it requires standard AC electrical current which is available in any electrical outlet throughout your home.

What are computers that are relevant to general computer users?

Most computer users use PCs, (personal computers). These general purpose computers can be used for pretty much anything, chances are that you are viewing this webpage on a PC right now. Smart Phones can also be considered computers, since they perform computational tasks and have almost all the elem ( Full Answer )

Is history of computer and generation of computer the same?

nope. History reflects all the past we have gone through to get up-to today while the Generation just categorizes the sections of history based on achievement so that we have a clear jump outs to memorize and understand.

How are drugs classified in general?

They are classified in terms of medical use, dangerousness, and abuse potential. DEA Schedule I drugs have "no acceptable medical use " (which has been debatable, in the case of marijuana, for instance); Schedule II drugs consist of those opiate-based drugs which have been determined to have high ab ( Full Answer )

How do you classify the computer?

Along two axis: . Analog . Hybrid . Digital and . Mechanical . Electromechanical . Electronic That gives nine different types.

How did second generation computers different from first generation computers?

In most systems of classifying computers into generations, first generation computers used vacuum tubes while second generation computers used discrete transistors. Some differences: . first - big, second - not so big . first - generated lots of heat, second - generated less heat . first - high ( Full Answer )

How computers are being classified?

Classified computers will mean the computer has classified information on there. most computers are not classified and are used for personal and work use.

How can computer software be classified?

yes, what about the software that the FBI uses to track down people and other things. they also try to classify things like Tor and other (sometimes illegal) useful things

Why computers are becoming smaller from generation to generation?

Newer electronics devices introduced in each computer generation(and thereby defining the generation) are more compact and consumeless power than the older electronic devices, enabling the size ofboth the computer's electronic hardware and cooling system to bereduced significantly.

Describe the five generations of computer based on hardware?

First generation computers - vacuum tubes. Second generation computers - transistor. Third generation computers - Integrated chips. Fourth generation computers -Microprocessors. Fifth generation computers - Artificial intelligence.

How computers differnet from first generation computers?

The first generation of computers back in 1940 were vacuum tubes.There were vacuum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums formemory. There huge in size, consumed lot of electricity andgenerated lot of heat. There were expensive to operate and heat wasthe main cause of failure. The current generation ( Full Answer )

What are generations of computers?

There are many different type of computers and computer brands in the world like "The MacBook Pro" or "Windows 8". For windows, the first windows, also known as the first generation of windows, was the "Windows 98 ME"(ME=Millennium). Soon after came the "Windows 98", then the "Windows 2000", and so ( Full Answer )

How was the generation of computer classified?

Primarily by the hardware technologies used to implementthem. There have been some other systems used to classify computersinto generations, but they aren't used much now.

Is it computer classified as gadgets?

computer can be classified as gadget.But mainly gadgets are the small or portable computers.Computer can be classified as a machine.

Why do you classify microwave as a computer?

I've never heard of a microwave being classified as a computer, only as an appliance. However, I can see the way you are thinking and I say that it could be classified as a computer due to the fact that it has a microprocessor that continually runs only one program.

How many generations of computers are there and how are they classified?

This varies somewhat depending on the preferences and agenda of thecomputer historian doing the classification. But one common way isbased on the type of electronics technology used: . vacuum tubes . discrete transistors . integrated circuits . microprocessor integrated circuits . etc.