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Q: What are the five names of the labeled mountains ranges in the eastern hemisphere?
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What are the mountain ranges in the eastern hemisphere?

the five labeled mountains are Ural mountains,mount everest,atlas,alps,and mount Elbrus

What mountains ranges are there in the eastern hemisphere?

they are the alps mountains, the Himalaya mountains, and the Ural mountains TEEHEE ^_^

What are the mountain ranges in the Northern hemisphere?

The Rocky Mountains.

What are the major mountain ranges in the western hemisphere?

Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and Andes Mountains

What are the major mountain ranges in eastern and western US?

On the eastern side- The Appalachian Mountains On the western side- The Rocky Mountains

What are mountain ranges in eastern Africa?

Mountain ranges in Eastern Africa are as followed: Virunga Mountains-Located: Rawanda-Uganda Ruwenzori Mountains-Located: Uganda Livingston Mountains-Located: Lake Nyasa Malahi Mountains-Located:Tanzinia Aberdare Mountains-Located:North of Narobi

Which mountain ranges are in Eastern Europe?

Some examples are the Caucus Mountains, the Ural Mountains, and the Transylvanian Alps.

Mexico has two ranges of mountains what are they?

Sierra Madre and Sierra Madre eastern

What is the principal mountain range in the eastern US?

The principal mountain range in the eastern U.S. are the Appalachian Mountains. There are other lesser ranges, such as the Pocono Mountains, the Allegheny Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Adirondack Mountains.

What mountain ranges from the eastern and southern boundary between Europe and Asia?

The mountain ranges from the eastern and southern boundary between Europe and Asia are the Ural Mountains. The Ural Mountains extend more than 2,200 kilometers.

What mountains do the US have?

There are Hundreds, if not Thousands of actual named mountains in the US. Two great mountain ranges, The rockies in the western US, and the Appalachian mountains in the eastern US, are composed of smaller ranges themselves.

What major mountain ranges are in the eastern hemisphere?

Himalayas, Atlas, Alps, Urals, Elburz, Hindu Kush,

Mountains in eastern France?

Eastern France is home to some of the most popular mountain ranges. The Alps is the most widely used for tourist. Eastern France also has lesser known, Jura mountains.

Does the eastern or western half of the US have more mountain ranges?

The western half is more mountainous than the eastern half is. Most of the mountains in the western half are the Rocky Mountains.

What mountain ranges are in west Africa?

The mountain ranges in West Africa are the Tibesti Mountains ( located in northwest Chad) and the Fouta Djallon ( found in eastern Guinea).

Where can you find talc?

Talc is most abundant in North-Eastern China yet can also be found in the Mountains of the Eastern US and is common in the Appalchian ranges in Italy.

What are the temperature ranges in the southern hemisphere?

The same as the northern hemisphere

Major mountain ranges in japan?

There are many mountain ranges in Japan. These mountain ranges include Hida Mountains, Japanese Alps, Akaishi Mountains, Kiso Mountains, and Hakkoda Mountains.

What are the major mountain ranges in Bangladesh?

There may be the odd hill in Bangladesh but certainly no major mountain ranges there.The Eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains are just north of Bangladesh.

What are the names of the mountain ranges in Washington?

the cascade mountains, the olympic mountains and the Columbia mountain ranges

What are three mountains ranges in North America?

rocky mountains, appalachians, and sierra mountain ranges

What mountain ranges are in Oregon?

The Blue Mountains, Wallowa Mountains, Klamath Mountains, the Coastal Range, and Cascade Mountains are all mountain ranges in Oregon.

Group of mountains?


Are there more mountains or continents in the world?

Mountains Ranges.

What type of mountains are the aravalli ranges?

fold mountains