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There are no absolute five, but most of our oil comes from OPEC. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) OPEC is made up of small middle-eastern countries that are small in size, and have few sources of external revenue other than oil. They export not only crude oil, but gasoline as well. It was OPEC in the 70s during Carter's term that made gasoline expensive. The US also gets oil from some of its own reserves, such as those in Texas, the West, Alaska, and some offshore drills in either the Gulf or off the coast of Alaska. The US government wishes to conserve US oil for as long as possible, however, and chooses to get most of its oil from outside sources. As of July 2005 the USA imports petroleum (including crude oil) from these top five exporting countries. (It also imports from 10 other countries, in smaller amounts) '''Country (Thousand Barrels per Day)''' * Canada (2,079) * Saudi Arabia (1,689) * Venezuela (1,623) * Mexico (1,593) * Nigeria (1,156) Source: Uisge

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Q: What are the five oil importing countries to the us?
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What are the five largest oil importing countries to the US?

The top 5 countries from which the US imports oil and petroleum products are, in order from most to least:CanadaNigeriaMexicoSaudi ArabiaVenezuela

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How much oil does the US purchase from Canada?

The US is currently importing about 1,900,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada.

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The US was importing lots of things, like food and oil.

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If it did, we wouldn't be importing so much.

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How long can the US last if we stop importing oil?

Longer than your lifetime. Especially if we move towards the natural gas for cars and everything else we can.

Why does the us get oil from other countries?

because they dnt have much oil for their use

Why was the US vulnerable to OPEC?

The US is vulnerable to OPEC because of the oil import. There is about 40% oil in OPEC countries.

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What countries use the most oil and how much?

US at about 20,000,000 barrels of oil daily.

How is the US oil shipped from different countries?

By Tanker

What does the US use that comes from other countries?


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List four countries to which the oil was transported?

Four countries to which oil is transported are the United States of America, China, India, and Japan. The US and China are the top importers of crude oil.

Where does the US rank in the smartest countries in the world?

The USA is rank between the top five countries in the world

What describes the relationship between the US and oil?

The US has a relationship with oil because it is a product that this country needs to function on a daily basis. The US also has relationships with other countries because they have to purchase oil from them.

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Annually, the five countries that get hit with the most cyclones are the US, China, the Philippines, Mexico, and Japan. However, since 1970, the five countries that have been hit by the most cyclones total are China, the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, and the US.

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these countries DO have oil, Brunei, India, Africa, Pakistan, England, America, us, Iraq, Ireland, Scotland and that's all!

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Japan has been importing and exporting trade goods since the 1870's. The US has been importing and exporting trade goods since the 1700's.

How does Saudi Arabia use its profits from oil?

It sells about 13% of oil to other countries specially US

If the US government does not allow oil to be imported from other countries what will happen if demand in the US stays the same?

The price of oil will increase as the supply decreases.

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Because the foreign countries control the price of oil and who they sell to.