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What are the five oil importing countries to the us?


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There are no absolute five, but most of our oil comes from OPEC. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) OPEC is made up of small middle-eastern countries that are small in size, and have few sources of external revenue other than oil. They export not only crude oil, but gasoline as well. It was OPEC in the 70s during Carter's term that made gasoline expensive. The US also gets oil from some of its own reserves, such as those in Texas, the West, Alaska, and some offshore drills in either the Gulf or off the coast of Alaska. The US government wishes to conserve US oil for as long as possible, however, and chooses to get most of its oil from outside sources. As of July 2005 the USA imports petroleum (including crude oil) from these top five exporting countries. (It also imports from 10 other countries, in smaller amounts) '''Country (Thousand Barrels per Day)''' * Canada (2,079) * Saudi Arabia (1,689) * Venezuela (1,623) * Mexico (1,593) * Nigeria (1,156) Source: Uisge

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