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where is the floor jack located on a 99 Ford Taurus

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front or either side of front of vehicle - position floor jack under front frame lift points rear or either side of rear of vehicle - position jack under the pinch point notches

On a 2006 Ford Taurus : The jack for the car is supposed to be with the spare tire in the well in the trunk under the carpet ( the spare tire sits in the well with the outside of the rim facing down and the jack is mounted inside of the back side of the tire rim )

On a 1996 Ford Taurus sedan , the spare tire goes in the well under the trunk carpet with the outside of the wheel facing down ( the tire jack is mounted inside of the back side of the tire rim which faces up )

On a regular cab Ford Ranger, the Jack and lug wrench are behind the passenger seat bolted to the floor.

You jack and block the front end up about a foot. Undo nuts on the mount in question , then lift that side of engine carefully with a floor jack until the mount will come out. Fit the new one in at his time and finish in reverse order.

Just in front of the right rear tire about where the notch is for the jack. Easy to change.

a jack that goes on the floor

The tire jack is supposed to be under the carpeted lid in the floor of the cargo area along with a bag including the tools on a 2008 Ford Explorer

The jack should be under the spare wheel along with the combination lug wrench/jack handle, under the floor of the trunk.

# 1 Release the parking brake pedal to make sure it is disengaged. Put your Ford Taurus in "N" for neutral. # Step2 Raise your Ford Taurus rear wheels in the air using your jack and support the rear wheels with the jack stands. # Step3 Get underneath the vehicle and locate the parking brake cables. There is a cable coming from each rear wheel and meet in the middle with an adjuster nut. # Step4 Use the cable tension gauge 021-00018 or another tension gauge to measure the parking brake adjuster nut against the rear parking brake cable adjuster. Follow your tension gauge instructions to measure 18 to 26 pounds of tension for your 1996 year Ford Taurus and 34 to 46 pounds of tension for your years 1997 to 1998 Ford Taurus. # Step5 Press in on the parking brake foot pedal to the ground and then release the parking brake pedal. # Step6 Verify the rear wheels spin freely when the parking brake pedal is fully released. # Step7 Lower your Ford Taurus using the jack and remove the jack stands from the rear wheels.

If the jack drifts down when weight is on it, the seals are failing. The jack would be unsafe at that point.

Anywhere on the frame. On the rear, use the axle. In the front, there are tabs designed for your jack and they can be seen in front of the axle.

For your information... All vehicles bring floor jacks... On the Ford Expedition the jack is located on the right size rear side panel near the rear hatch door. The jack lifting handle is located on the top of the rediator cover.

Type your answer here... from rear axle, or the pinch point ,

The jacking points for the 944 are under the sill. if you look at the sill closely you will see a diamond shape pointing out where the jack should sit. be sure to use this point as you could buckle the floor or worse, put the jack right through the floor! it's the one point if you want the front or rear wheels jacked up.

Yes, jack the car up and remove the lug nut to remove the hub cap.

Under the floor in the back. There is a handle....lift the floor and there is a jack and the spare

The jack is usually mounted on the right front fender, under the hood. If you are using a floor or bottle jack, you can use any horizontal part of the frame rails as a lift point.

standard jacking points on a Ford Focus are within eight inches of the wheel well, between the two wheels. feel under the car (approx three inches from the edge) for an n shaped steel bar running the length of the car. the two edges of the bar should be about 10ml appart. follow this bar back (for the forward jack point) until the gap becomes narrower, and the depth of the bar changes slightly. this indentation on the bar is the jacking point. attach the head of the jack to this indentation, and then extend the jack towards the floor, ensuring that you have a firm footing when you get there. if you try and start from the floor and extend the jack towards the car, you could have trouble angling the jack head to fit the indentation. this link has pretty comprehensive diagrams of the jacking points (scroll down to see second side of the fact sheet)

Raise the Intrepid. Lift up on the front jack point with the floor jack. Use the front jacking point behind the radiator. Place jack stands under the pinch welds on either side of the vehicle's body underneath the front doors. Then lower the Intrepid onto the stands.

Oil. coolant, or grease on the floor. Things like a floor jack, or jack stands that you can trip over. Tools laying on the floor that can cause a slip.Slippery, cluttered floors.

Behind the rear seat , under the carpeted lid in the cargo area floor

Standard set of mechanics tools SAE and Metric, floor jack, jack stands, low profile trans jack, large drain pan and a repair manual for that vehicle.

You can buy a jack at the ford dealer or u can go to a junk yard

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