What are the foodhabits in Denmark?

The most unique food in Denmark is the rye bread. Compared to white bread it is very coarse and highly nutritious, though many foreigners experience as a dry, boring kind of bread. Rye bread is also a main ingredient in a danish national food, smørrebrød ('buttered bread', also known as the open sandwich), where a single slice of bread is topped of with several kinds of spreads, spices, meats, and so on.
An example could be (from the bottom): Bread, pickled herring, creme fraiche, apple pieces, onion rings and curry.
There is a huge variety of smørrebrød, and each of them a unique taste experience.

Popular foods in Denmark include potatoes, various meats (chicken, cow, pig, fish) and sausages. However, foreign foods are also highly appreciated.

Furthermore, Denmark has a history of using cabbage in many of its dishes.