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The Atlantic

The Pacific

The Arctic

and The Indian

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What are the seven major seas in the marine biome?

There are 7 minor seas but 4 major seas xD Sorry my friend

What four seas surround Australia?

the four seas that surround Australia are,Pacific ocean,

When was Four Seas Ice Cream created?

Four Seas Ice Cream was created in 1934.

4 major seas?

There are many seas located throughout the world with each of them having their own significance. 4 of the major seas are, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Coral, and Arabian.

Name four seas that are near Japan?

There are four seas that are near Japan. These seas include the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, and the East China Sea.

What major seas deserts mountains and rivers are in Puerto Rico?

oceans and seas.

What four seas border Italy?

The four seas that border Italy are Ionian Sea, Liguria Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea. Italy also has four countries that border it also.

What are the four main seas that surround japan?

The four main seas that surround Japan are: Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhostsk, Pillipine sea.

Are all seas totally surrounded by land?

Not all seas are completely surround by land. There are three major types of seas which are hypersaline lakes, nearly enclosed seas and partly enclosed seas.

Major seas in Italy?

Lithuanian sea

What are the major seas in Africa?

There are no major seas IN Africa. Africa is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the East by the Indian Ocean and on the West by the Atlantic Ocean

Why did crates envisage the existence of the four continents?

Because he saw the four seas

What are the 5 major seas that surround southwest Asia?

Mediterranean, Black, Caspian, Arabian, and Red Seas

What are the three major seas in Greece?

Aegean, Mediterranean, and Adriatic are the three main seas bordering greece.

What are the Russian seas with four letters?

Ar l

What is a four letter homonym the word seas?


What are the four seas that border Greece?

The four seas that border Greece are as follows in no particular order: Ionian Sea, Sea of Crete, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

How do you change the word SEAS to LAND one letter at a time in four moves?


How can you change Seas to Land in four moves by changing one letter at a time?

Seas Leas Lens Lend Land

How many seas are there in the world?

There are 13 major seas in total in the world. There are many seas in the world, some identified and some not. According to the International Hydrographic Organization, there are over 100 bodies of water that are known as seas.

Does Italy touch any major oceans or seas?


What is the accepted number of major oceans and seas in the world?


Is it true or false The smaller seas of the world are considered a part of the Atlantic Pacific or Indian Oceans?

Yes, because the smaller seas arn't a major part of the other seas

What are the three seas which have colors in their name?

There are four seas named after colours:Black sea.White sea.Red sea.Yellow sea.

What European country consists of a boot shaped peninsula surrounded by four seas?

Italy. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian, and Tyrrhenian Seas

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