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present day gymnosperms are divided into the four following phyla:

1-Cycadophyta: palm-like trees of tropics/subtropics

2-Ginkgophyta: only a single species: Ginkgo biloba

3-Coniferophyta: cone bearing trees, evergreens: pines, firs, spruce

4-Gnetophyta: consists of 3 genera:

a. welwitschia: in African deserts with only 2 long strap-like leaves

b. Ephedra: desert shrub, souce of alkaloid ephedrine - used to treat congestion of hay fever, Asthma

c. Gnetum: trees or vines with large leathery leaves

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Q: What are the four phyla of gymnosperms?
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What are the 4 phylums of gymnosperms?

The four phyla of Gymnosperms are known as Ginkgophyta, Cycadophyta, Gnetophyta, and Coniferophyta.

What are the four phyla of the plant kingdom?

Bryophytes, Pterophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms.

What are the four divisions of the gymnosperms?

the four divisions of the gymnosperms are... the conifers, cycads, gingkoes, and lastly the gnetophytes.

Briefly describe the four groups of gymnosperms Which group is the largest and most economically important?

There are four groups of gymnosperms: conifers,ginkgoes,cycads,and gnetophytes.The seres of gymnosperms are not enclosed in a fruit.

Is cycad vascular or non-vascular?

Gymnosperms are vascular plants that compromise three different phyla: cycadophyta composed of cycads; ginkogophyta and coniferophyta

What are the Four characteristics of gymnosperms?

gymnosperms are heterosporous. they produce haploid microspores and megaspores.

What phylum are in gymnosperms?

There are 4 main types of phyla in Gymnosperms: - Cycadophyta - Ginkgophyta - Gnetophyta - Coniferphyla You can also get a nice description of the differences and answers to questions related on this webpage:

Which is not one of the major phyla of animallike protists?

There are four major phyla's of animal-like protists. These four are sarcodina, ciliophora, sporozoa, mastigophora. With ciliophora being the main one.

What are the four groups of gymnosperms?

The four existing groups of gymnosperms are the Conifers, Ginkgoes, Cycads, and Gnetophytes (conifers, ginkgo, cycads, and gnetums). Other divisions have existed but are now extinct.

What are the four major phyla of animal-like protists?

The four major phyla of animal-like protists:sarcodina ciliophora sporozoa mastigophora

Describe the four major phyla of the kingdom Monera?

Monera is the kingdom that includes most organisms that have a prokaryotic cell. The four phyla in this kingdom are: Archaebacteria, Schizopyta, Cyanophyta and Prochlorophyta. Bacteria are in the Schizophyta phylum.

What did gymnosperms look like when they first appeared?

They looked somewhat like ferns, which makes sense because ferns are a part of the Gymnosperm phyla. Hope it helped! come back to Wiki Answers again!

What are the names of the four types of gymnosperms?

Gynerathiss Sarbinums Byoctofocils Typoicids

What are the four major groups of gymnosperms?

Conifers, Cycads, Ginkgo, and Gnetales

Name the four groups of gymnosperms?

conifers, ginkoes, cycads, and gneotophytes.

What are four products that are produced from gymnosperms?

paper wood desk kite

What is the difference between imperfect fungi and all other fungi?

what are the four phyla of fungi?

How are the four phyla of animal like protistas distinguished from one another?

by their method of mobility

What are four phyla of unicellular plantlike Protist?

di ko alam kaya nga nagtatanong eh?

What are the four main groups of plants?

nonvascular plants, vascular plants, gymnosperms, and angiosperms.

What are the four types of gymnosperms?

cycads, conifers, ginkges, and gnetophytesby: Kiki

The four groups of gymnosperms are conifers cycads ginkgoes and what?

The last one would be Gnetophytes.

What are the four major phyla of fungi?


Do scientists classify plant into three large groups?

Four: bryophytes, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms

The only group of fungi to have a flagellated stage are the?

Chytrids, of which there are four phyla: Blastococladiomycota, Chytridiomycota, Neocallimastigomycota, and Monoblepharidiomycota.