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1066 MHz, 800 MHz, 533 MHz, and 400 MHz

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Q: What are the four speeds of the most popular motherboard available supported Intel processor?
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How do you choose a motherbord?

1) According to type of latest processor 2) motherboard with latest popular manufacture and latest features 3)

What is the best processor to have in my motherboard?

A 64 bit microprocessor such as Intel 64. These types of microprocessors are compatible with all major popular Operating Systems.

What was the platform of the AMD K6 MMX processor?

That would go on a socket-7 motherboard. Socket-7 is the same platform as what was used for the original Pentium processor. That was out around the time that Windows 95 and Windows 98 were popular.

What motherboard supports latest processor and 8GB RAM?

The latest processor, the Intel Core i7, only supports ram in multiples of 3 (e.g. 3GB, 6GB, 9GB, etc). Any motherboard using the Intel X58 chipset will support the Core i7.Three popular motherboard choices are (but there are still many others out there):EVGA E760 ClassifiedASUS Rampage II ExtremeGIGABYTE EX58-UD5

The most popular motherboard form factor is the?


What is a microATX motherboard?

A micro ATX motherboard is simply a small version of the more popular ATX motherboard. It has less room for expansion (graphics, sound and network card.

How to find suitable processors for motherboards?

The best way to find suitable processors for motherboards is to check the specs on your motherboard. Note that each mothermoard has an appropriate CPU socket. For example, the computer site lists their motherboards by socket, so you can look up the motherboard you have, and note it's socket, and then purchase the processor that fits. The most popular is the CPU socket 478 and LGA 775 (the ladder now becoming the more popular).

Why was the first Intel Celeron processor not as popular as expected?

The original Intel Celeron processor was not as popular as expected because it lacked the level 2 cache to help reduce the price of the processor. With no level 2 cache, the processor acted much slower than the competitor processors.

How did philosophies of thomas hobbes and john Locke differ?

Hobbes supported absolute monarchy, while Locke supported the idea of popular sovereignty

What is the most popular way an internal DVD drive interfaces with a motherboard?

The most popular is a parallel ATA interface.

What are the most popular motherboard manufacturers?


Which is another term of motherboard?

Main-board or Mobo are the most popular terms.

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