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The meeting of the Etats generaux (Estates General), the revolution beginning with the storming of the Bastille, la Terreur (The Reign of Terror) with Robespierre, and the Consulate (with Napoleon).

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Q: What are the four stages of the French Revolution?
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Who was the French general who was involved in the American Revolution and played an active part in the early stages of the French Revolution?

the Marquis de Lafayette

What two other countries did the French fight with in the early stages of the French Revolution?

Austria and the UK.

Where was Napoleon Bonaparte before the french revolution?

Prior to the French Revolution he was the son of a Noble in Italy and played no important role in France. He joined the French Army in the very early stages of the Revolution and his fame began from there.

What are the three stages of the french revolution?

beginning, middle and end Moderate, Radical, Conservative......

What are the differences between American french glorious revolution?

The American revolution was a war caused by evolution of thought. The French revolution was a bloody revolution in every sense of the word and went through all the stages. The Glorious Revolution was bloodless and a the daughter of the king and her husband were put in his place.

What are Four reasons the french revolution ended so differently than the American Revolution?

i got 1 french help Americans i American revolution but they didnt exit back when the french revolution was going on so they couldn't help

What are the six stages of revolution?

The six stages of the French Revolution took place between 1787 and 1815. The first stage was the Aristocratic Phase, then the National Assembly. These two stages were followed by the Legislative Assembly, the Reign of Terror, the Thermidorean Reaction and finally the Napoleonic Era.

What role did the people play in the French Revolution?

The people play a role in the storming of the Bastille. In the early stages of the Revolution, they were very supportive of the revolutionary leaders.

What are the five stages of the french revolution?

the french revolution is about king Louis abusing is power and giving the peasant hard time and don't make equal right between the nobles and the peasnt. The 5 Stages are the ancient regime, the spark, the moderate phase, the radical phase, and the thermodorian reaction.

What were the three stages of the Russian Revolution?

The three stages of the "Russian Revolution" were the 1905 Revolution after Bloody Sunday, the February Revolution of 1917 and the October Revolution of 1917.

What are the four major revolutions in history?

The four major revolutions in history are the (in chronological order): Glorious (English) Revolution American Revolution French Revolution Latin American Revolution. These are otherwise known as G.A.F.L.

What four factors contributed to the emergence of sociology as a discipline?

Enlightenment French revolution Industrial revolution Reformation

What are the four phases of the french revolutionary era?

The four French revolution eras was "The moderate phase,Radical phase,Directory and the Age" BY:FlawlessGirl_808

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Describe the role of the Paris mob during the early stages of the French Revolution?

Historically it proved that it was a grass roots revolution and not a devious plot put in place by the National Assembly to gain power.

Which came first the American Revolution or the French Revolution?

The American Revolution. The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution.

What are the four machines were used during the french revolution?

# Guillotin # sewing machine # Moulding Machine

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What do the French call their revolution?

The revolution of the French is simply referred to as the French Revolution. This revolution led to the writing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

About 6 French philosophers of 1889 to 1899 French revolution?

hum french revolution? you mean 1789 revolution?

What country was the inspiration for the French Revolution?

The United States and the American Revolution heavily inspired the French and the French Revolution.

The French Revolution was it a war or a revolution?

The french revolution was more like a revolution as lt literary says.

Did the American Revolution come before the french revolution?

The American revolution came before the French revolution