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1.synoptic winds

2.gradint winds

3.prevailing winds

4.geostrophic winds

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What are the two main types of winds?

The two main types of wind are Local winds and Global winds.

What are the four types of winds?

1.synoptic winds 2.gradint winds 3.prevailing winds 4.geostrophic winds

What different types of winds are there?

There are two types of winds. These are namely the local wind and the global wind. The local winds are created as a result of scenery such as vegetation and water bodies. Global winds, on the other hand, are created as a result of the earth's rotation.

How many local winds are there?

There are Four local winds: Valley Breeze, Mountain Breeze, Land Breeze, And Sea Breeze.

What are four types of global winds?

They are jet streams , polar easterlies , westerlies , and trade winds

What are the 2 types of local winds?

ocean breeze and land breeze

What are the four sun storm types?

the four types of sun stormes are prominences, solar flares, solar winds, and sunspots.

Types of wind?

Some Types of Wind:Global Winds Polar EasterliesWesterliesTrade WindsDoldrumsJet StreamLocal WindsSea BreezeLand BreezeBreezeFohn wind

What is the local causes of the local winds?

The causes of local winds are because of temperature and air pressure. The greater one of these are, the stronger the winds are.

Two types of local winds?

one type is sea breeze and the other is land breeze

Were do local winds occur?

Local winds occur on lakeshores or seashores

Wind systems of the world?

there are 3 types of wind systems=permanent winds are also known as prevailing winds or planetary winds. it is sub divided in to the trade winds, anti trade winds, and polar winds.periodic winds are also known as seasonal windsor monsoons. they blow from water bodies to land.local winds blow in a limited area and have local significance. it is sub divided in to land and sea breeze , mountain and vally wind

What is the definition for local winds?

The winds dependent upon local changes in temperature:

What are two types of local winds?

Sea breezes and land breezes.Sea breezeFoehn wind

What are 4 types of local winds?

land breeze, sea breeze, mountain breeze, and valley breeze

How many types of global winds are there?

There are 8 types of global winds.

What does local winds mean?

winds or high winds in your area, or state winds or high winds in your area, or state

What are local wind and type of local winds?

local winds alternate in direction . their causes are due to temperature and air pressure

What are types of prevailing winds?

Types of Prevailing winds include: Trade Winds, Westerlies, Polar Easterlies, and Jet Streams.

Do local winds only occur in one place?

Every place has its own local winds.

What are local winds?

Local winds are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area.

Where is global winds?

all types of global winds are north winds, south winds, east winds. west winds, and western winds

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