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Q: What are the function of the tiers in ziggurats?
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What was the Mesopotamian temple called?

Mesopotamian temples were called ziggurats. Ziggurats were constructed out of mud bricks baked by the sun. Ziggurats were built in tiers in a pyramid like fashion, ranging anywhere from two to seven tiers and measuring as high as 92 meters.

What size were ziggurats?

Built to huge scales, they consisted of two to seven tiers with a large open space on top.

Where were the ziggurats invented?

The ziggurats were invented in Mesopotamia.

Why were ziggurats large?

why were ziggurats so large

Who made the ziggurats?

The ancient Mesopotamians created the ziggurats.

Why were ziggurats so large?

why were ziggurats so large

What did ziggurats connect?

Ziggurats were said to connect Earth and Heaven

What was the name of the Sumerian temple?

The temples were called Ziggurats! The answer came from one of Mrs.O's students. BLUE CREW Answer: ZIGGURATS

Did anyone live in ziggurats?

No, the ziggurats were built as temples for Sumerian gods.

For what purposes were ziggurats made?

ziggurats were used for religious ceremonies in mesopotamia

When were the first ziggurats built?

Ziggurats were first built by the Summerians in 5200 BCE.

Where was the ziggurats located?

Ziggurats were located outside Mesoptamia.At lest that a what I got from Social Studies.

How were ziggurats used?

Ziggurats were used by sand and bricks and because i love zayn malik

What did Mesopatamians use Ziggurats for?

They used Ziggurats to worship gods and offer servings to the gods

How tall were ziggurats?

Ziggurats were at least 290ft tall because people then beleived that the ziggurats would link earth and heavens so it could be an better place

What are the three tiers of government?

The three tiers of government are central / federal, state and local.

When was Wharton Tiers born?

Wharton Tiers was born in 1953, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What were ziggurats used as?

ziggurats were used as houses, kingdoms, places for the kings, queens, and even the Pharaohs

What are ziggurats made of?

Ziggurats are made of mud bricks that form a massive pyramidal stepped tower.

What were Sumerian Ziggurats built to honor?

Sumerian Ziggurats were built to honor how the gods descended to earth.

What is the ziggurats length?

it depends.

Who built the ziggurats?


Who built ziggurats?


What surrounds the ziggurats?


Were ziggurats made out of grass?