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What are the functions of a political party?

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the major function of a political party is to nominate-name-candidates for public office.

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What are the two functions of a political party?

There are quite a few functions of any political party. One function is to unify a group of people with similar beliefs.

Which of the following is NOT one of the main functions of a political party in a democracy?

political parties give political education to the people....

What are the three functions of a political party?

I don't know. But this homework is lame!

What are the six political party functions?


What is the functions and importance of political science?

The functions of Political Science include understanding and studying how humans get along with each other and how government systems function with themselves and their people. Its importance is determining the policies and attitudes of most modern political party and its members.

How does a party get registered as a political party?

A Party can get registered as a Political Party through Political Party Council. And it can be registered as a political party if the party comply with the set laws for the registration of all political parties

Does republicanism refer to the people holding all political power?

Not the modern American political party, but yes a republic functions this way and is different than a democracy.

List the functions of political parties?

1). A political party should fight in the elections. 2). It should prepare its programmes and policies. 3). Political party mould public opinion. 4). Parties provide people access to government machinery and welfare schemes.

Major Canadian political party?

a political party

Will a schism in a political benefit the party?

No, a division in a political party will not benefit the party.

What political party is Newsweek?

Newsweek is a magazine, it is not a political party and it is not published by a political party. It just publishes news.

Two sentences using the word political party?

My favourite political party is the Republican party. Never vote for the Anarchist's political party.

In which type of primary do you have to register by political party?

In a political primary, you have to register by political party.

Was thomas jefferson in a political party?

Yes, he was in a political party

When was A Political Party created?

A Political Party was created in 1934.

Use political party in a sentence?

The Republicans are a political party. The political party had grown around the concept of environmental awareness.

What is the political party of Abdullah Gรผl?

The political party of Abdullah Gül is AK Party

What is political party affiliation?

Political party affiliation describes which political party a particular candidate, office holder or voter is a member.

What was Hitlers political party?

Hitlers political party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi party.

How would you use political party in a sentence?

There are two political party in the usa and they are the republican party and the democratic party

What des political party mean?

political party means an organization to gain political power

What is the functions of political science?

functin of political science

Who is the titular head of a political party not in power?

The party chairman is the head of a political party not in power.

What political party is Anna Bligh?

Anna Bligh's political party is Australian Labour Party.

What Political Party was John Howard Part Of?

His political party is Liberal party..AKA LPA....