What are the functions of primary groups and secondary groups?


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A primary group has fact to face interactions and is more intimate than secondary groups. Secondary groups are more formal.


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The major characteristics of primary and secondary groups are with primary groups they are more close together like in best friends and all. Secondary groups are not that close and not together all the time.

Primary groups offer closer more intimate close relationships than secondary groups do.

Primary function: to sit on. Secondary functions: to stand on; use a shield against lions; swing around wildly

there are many social groups, which can be categorised in form of primary and secondary groups .primary groups means related to basic and fundamental needs and desires. they are primary in many senses.following are examples of primary groups. family ,neighbourhood,play group's primary schools ,caste groups etc. the secondary social groups are related with secondary needs examples of it are clubs educational institutions ,employement places, state,government,police,judiciary,etc.

Primary and secondary groups play in interactions between different racial and ethinic groups because primary and secondary groups are basicaly in the same racial groups as ethinic groups.If you have any more questions contact me at my e-mail at micaela> am Micaela by the way.

They diminish the importance of primary groups ,but not secondary groups.

You have a primary and secondary tank. Certain air functions of the truck use the primary and others use the secondary tank.

Primary groups: people who are emotionally close, know one another well and seek one another's company. Secondary groups: people who share only part of their lives while focusing on a common goal or task. Examples: Primary- family, best friends Secondary- People you work with, sports teams Answers are from a textbook "Sociology & You"

Primary Means, it is individual there is no dependence, But Secondary will allays depends on Primary, If you want to do Secondary, you should complete primary first, There is no precondition to primary, but for Secondary Primary is the Precondition, first you should do primary, then only you are able to do secondary.

primary: Raul Secondary: Julie

Within an ecological food chain, consumers are categorized into three groups: primary consumers, secondary consumers, and the tertiary consumers.

Primary is IgM and secondary is IgG

is the grass lands primary or secondary

Secondary colors are colors that are made from primary colors EX: Primary- red, blue =secondary- purple Primary- blue, yellow =secondary - green etc.

functions of primary market

Secondary succession can happy after primary succession . Secondary can be independent but is not usually independent from primary succession.

The relationship between the number of primary and secondary turns of a transformer is the same as the relationship between the primary input voltage and the secondary output voltage: primary turns/secondary turns = primary voltage/secondary voltage

primary dressingpressure applicatorsecondary dressingclosure bar

There primary function is to define what the project delivers. The secondary functions are to stay on schedule and budget.

Secondary simply means not primary. That is, primary comes before secondary.

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