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What are the functions of slip-rings in Induction motor?


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to transfer power from the stator to the rotor. there are similar to the commutators but not segmented; they are continuous.


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Sliprings are used in wound-rotor induction motors, so that external variable resistors can be incorporated in the rotor circuit in order to provide speed control.

It depends on the type of motor: commonly either three, or none.

induction motor start by magnetic motor

Yes the Induction motor works on Electromagnetic induction principle.

A single phase induction motor is only ever used for small loads. Functionally, an induction motor is an AC motor, in which the current is produced by electromagnetic induction.

Standard induction motor has a closed squirrel cage rotor, where as open ended induction motor has split phase rotor.

Induction motor is an AC electric motor which uses electromagnetic induction to induce the electric current in the rotor to produce torque.

A single phase induction motor is mainly used in fans.It is capacitor start capacitor run induction motor.In three phase induction motor squirrel cage induction motor is mainly used in elevators,lifts,cranes.slip ring induction motor is mainly used in electrically driven ships.

1. Induction Motor has an air-gap but transformer has no air gap rather it is mutually link. 2. Induction Motor has high no-load current than transformer. 3. Induction Motor is a dynamic device. 4. Induction Motor has high power factor.

Induction motor used in industries for variable speed machines . Induction motor has always lagging power factor. Less cost compared to syn. Motor.

split phase induction motor,capacitor start induction motor

Squirrel cage type is a type of Induction motor. It tells that the rotor is "squirrel cage" type. Another type of induction motor is with "slip ring" type of rotor. Squirrel cage type is most widely used Induction motor.

the induction motor is not self start in 3phase because it have a phase difference

induction motor has mechanical losses whereas transformer is a static device the mechanical losses are absent hence induction motor has less efficiency

According to types ofrotors....Induction motors are classified into two types. They are1.sqirrel guage induction motor2.slip ring induction motor/...........

Slip Ring Induction Motor and Squirrel Cage Indution Motor

slip power is a power which is develop by the induced voltage and current in an induction motor

why three phase induction motor is delta connected

Yes, a three phase induction motor is self starting.

Induction motor is operating at transformer's,it is called ROTATING TRANSFORMER.

A standard 3 phase, AC Induction motor is asynchronous machine, not synchronous.

Open ended induction motor - i assume you are talking about split phase induction motor. With these motors old style speed controlling method using external resistors can be used. However this is now obsolete.

The single phase induction motors are made self starting by providing an additional flux by some additional means. Now depending upon these additional means the single phase induction motors are classified as: 1.Split phase induction motor. 2.Capacitor start inductor motor. 3.Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor. 4. Shaded pole induction motor.

an induction motor rotes because of the magnetic field produced around it and as the current flows

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