What are the functions of the cytoskeleton?

It supports the cell. It anchors the organelles.

The cytoskeleton provides shape and gives [mechanically] structural support. It also serves as a monorail to transport substances around the Cell;

Structural: It provides structural support to Cells and stabilizes the Desmosomes [Cell-Gap junctions];

Movement: It assists with cytosol streaming and internal Cell motility; It helps move organelles and materials throughout the Cell; and It helps with the movement of chromosomes during Cell division;

It is also responsible for providing the "structural Ladder" that the Enzyme Working Motors use for motility [this motility is used for Substance transport], and functions in the same way for Chromosomal Segregation.

The cytoskeleton is a web of proteins inside the cell. It acts as both a skeleton and a muscle. The cytoskeleton helps the cell keep its shape. It also helps some cells, such as bacteria, to move.

It DOES NOT help produce proteins! :)

The cytoskeleton is made up of intermediate filaments, microtubules, and microfilaments.