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What are the functions of the various vitamins?

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== == == == == == * It helps in improving your eyesight. Also it aids in maintaining healthy skin. Rich sources of vitamin A are: eggs, milk, apricots, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes. * Vitamin B aids in generating energy that the body utilizes to carry out its activities. Vitamin B also participates actively in making red blood cells that carry oxygen to different parts of your body. Rich sources of vitamin B include whole grains, such as wheat and oats, fish and seafood, leafy green vegetables, dairy products like milk and yogurt, beans and peas etc.

* It helps in strengthening your gums and muscles. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits like Oranges, also aids in healing wounds. It enables you to overcome infections. Foods rich in vitamin C, apart from citrus fruits are: tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and strawberries. == == == == * It works towards strengthening your bones and teeth. It also aids in absorbing the calcium required by the body. Foods rich in vitamin D are: fish, egg yolk, milk and other dairy products etc.

* It takes care of your lungs and also aids in formation of red blood cells. Good sources of vitamin E are: whole grains, such as wheat and oats, leafy green vegetables, egg yolks, nuts etc. * Vitamin K helps in the maintenance of normal levels of the blood clotting proteins. Good sources of vitamin K are: leafy green vegetables, dairy products, like milk and yogurt, pork etc. == == == ==
vitamin A: is needed for healthy skins.

needed to formvisual purple in our eyes.visual purple helps us to see

better in dim light.

vitamin B:needed to release energy from the food we eat.

vitamin B1 is required for normal growth in children.

vitamin C:needed to absorb iron(a mineral)from the food we eat.

needed to help wounds to heal

vitamin D:needed to build strong bones and teeth,and to absorb

calcium(a mineral) from the food we eat

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What do vitamins not provide?

They do not provide energy. They work with the cells to enable various metabolic functions.

Functions of vitamins?

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What are three functions of vitamins?


One of the main functions of vitamins is to?

The answer is D

What is the result of vitamins' deficiency?

It depends on the vitamin. Vitamins each have different specific functions.

What are all the vitamins for?

Vitamins are for various things. Vitamin D3 is for bone health.

An organic compound that controls many functions?


What regulates the body chemistry and body functions?


What are vitamins functions?

Vitamins are a group of substances essential for normal metabolism, growth and development, and regulation of cell function!

What are three functions of fats and oils?

muscle protein and vitamins

Where are vitamins and minerals broken down?

Vitamins and minerals are broken down in various stages of digestion.

The sources and functions of Vitamins a b c d e and k?

At, there is a list of all of the vitamins you listed, their functions, and what foods they are prevalent in.

What are the various department of an Organization and its Functions?

various department

What is a nutrient needed in small quantities for growth and for regulating body functions?

the correct answer is vitamins not protein protein only helps growth vitamins help regulate body functions and help growth

Are vitamins a metal nonmetal metalloid or a noble gas?

None of these. Vitamins are generally compounds of various elements

Can you be allergic to vitamins in foods?

Yes, Common allergies to vitamins are Vitamin B12, such as in shellfish and various meats.

What are Vitamins made up from?

Various chemical compounds.

What does vitamin A do to you?

Vitamin A helps with vision. It is necessary for the growth of new cells, healthy skin and hair. Vitamins are crucial for the growth of new cells, metabolism, energy conversion and various other bodily functions. There are two kinds of vitamins - water soluble and fat soluble. Water soluble vitamins are eliminated from our body and needs to be regularly replinished.

Some vitamins are essential to an organism because they functions as a hormone?


What is the role of vitamins in enzyme functions?

Vitamins act as co-enzymes and help in the action of enzymes and are essential for successful enzyme action.

What primary function of vitamins?

Primary functions of the vitamins are to make metabolic changes possible in the body. They are the backbone of a healthy life and body.

Various types of accounting packages along with their functions?

discuss brifly various types of accounting packages along with their functions

What is the function of vitamins in your body?

All bodily functions require vitamins, which the body cannot produce on its own. Vitamins must be ingested through food or supplements. They help with bone growth and maintenance, hair, skin, and nail growth, and brain processes, just to name a few functions.

What nutrients does the fruit food group provide?

Various vitamins.

What are the functions of cereals?

Provide vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and protein