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What are the gang names and locations in South Phoenix Arizona?



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Malditos X3 19ave Lokotes

Ws.Es.Ss. MTC Made To Control, Emptyclip Gang

NorthSide Las Cuatro Milpas L.C.M

South Side Lunatix L.T.X

PlayBoy Sureños X3

N.S.B.P 17ave

Norte M.B.P 21st

Mariposa Park Malditos 31st M.P

Es.Ws. W.B.P 32st

West Side B.P.C Brown Pride Chicanos 69ave

T.W.P Family

Ws. Es. Dobles

Sur 13 La Victoria

Just A Dream J.A.D Sureños

NorthSide Phoenix Locos

EastSide Outlaws bloods

West Side Dipomat Bloods

WestSide City Crips

SouthSide 35th

Brown Pride Surenos (BPS X3) Lindo Park

Theres Other Smaller Gangs out There That Arent Known Much