What are the gang names and locations in South Phoenix Arizona?

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Malditos X3 19ave Lokotes
Ws.Es.Ss. MTC Made To Control, Emptyclip Gang
NorthSide Las Cuatro Milpas L.C.M
South Side Lunatix L.T.X
PlayBoy Sureños X3
N.S.B.P 17ave
Norte M.B.P 21st
Mariposa Park Malditos 31st M.P
Es.Ws. W.B.P 32st
West Side B.P.C Brown Pride Chicanos 69ave
T.W.P Family
Ws. Es. Dobles
Sur 13 La Victoria
Just A Dream J.A.D Sureños
NorthSide Phoenix Locos
EastSide Outlaws bloods
West Side Dipomat Bloods
WestSide City Crips
SouthSide 35th
Brown Pride Surenos (BPS X3) Lindo Park
Theres Other Smaller Gangs out There That Arent Known Much
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Which city is farther south Phoenix Arizona or Austin Texas?

Austin, Texas, is farther south than any part of Arizona. Austin isat approximately 30°15′ N, and the southernmost part of Arizona isat 31°20′N. Austin, Texas is farther south than Phoenix, Arizona.

What are the names of the mountains in Phoenix Arizona?

The following mountains are part of the Phoenix mountain range.These are the Moon Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Shadow Mountain,Shaw Butte, North Mountain, Echo Mountain, Stoney Mountain,Piestewa Peak, Mummy Mountain, Camelback Mountain and SunnyslopeMountain

What are the gang names and locations in Arizona?

There are alot of gangs in arizona. Not Only in Phx and Tucson but in alot of the smaller towns around Az. Here are some. Phoenix AZ: PlayBoy Sureños X3 Mexican Brown Pride 21st (M.B.P.) Mexican Mafia 12st Malditos X3 (M.D.S.) La Victoria X3 (L.V.) SouthSide Lunatix X3 (L.T.X.) ( Full Answer )

What are the gang names in west phoenix Arizona?

Southern flats lxxxvii street 87 street gang westvalley surprise arizona sunny lane vandals cottonwood vandals rifer riders original chicano gangsters sex jerx ganga its holloween everyday enemigas ese snivel ,noopy,g man,madman, wako, lil devil, and many more vatos down for the big sjx13!

What are the gang names and locations in Ohio?

cinncinati- walnut hills bloods Hamilton- Lindinwald crips Oxford- Oxford Family blood affil. -Peoples nation Bloods Dayton- Folk Nation sets, dont no their names.- Blood sets too

What are the different gang names in Surprise Arizona?

Sex Jerx Barrio Chico Locos - Originally from El Mirage but members live here Looney Toones - From Peoria Doble Lado Sur Trece Brown Pride Cali State Locos - Originally from San Bernandino known as Verdugos AZ Bloods MOB Blood/Crips from California Latin Kings from back east Hells Angels Mongols Los ( Full Answer )

Is South west Periodical Service out of Phoenix Arizona a scam?

Yes it is they called me up saying that i won a gift card that was 250 dollars n that they go send to my house n that i should get magazines n should pay for 30 months 29.90 so i was willing to pay that for a 250 gift card i can spend anywhere in any store they said so a month go by nothing so i cal ( Full Answer )