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What are the general classification of literature?


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The two general classifications of literature are prose and poetry.

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The two general classifications of literature are prose and poetry.

Most works of literature can be grouped into either fiction or non-fiction.

general literature is the type of literature that showed about general situation and not focus on which culture.

Classification of literature according to form includes subject, predicate, clauses introduced by conjunctions and so forth. You find these classification by analyzing the sentence.

literature is generally classified as fiction or non-fiction.

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The two general divisions of literature are fiction and nonfiction.

It depends on what you mean by "general type of literature"? Do you mean genre or time period?

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The two general divisions of literature is fiction and non-fiction. Fiction literature is literature that is false information. Non-fiction literature is information that is written based on true facts.

Another genre (distinctive type of writing in literature) is the short story.

Literature in English is the writing written in English, but English in literature is the overall English literature that there is in the general category of "literature."

Unreasonable classification may be defined as classification that does not consider all essential factors. This is a general classification which does not apply logic and rationality.

The two main classes of literature are prose and poetry.

The two types of literature are poetry and prose.

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The largest classification subgroup is the group "kingdoms." As the domain is the most general classification and the starting point of classification, kingdom is the largest as it's the first subgroup.

Syed Riazuddin has written: 'Classification of Islamic literature'

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