What are the general reasons for war?

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War has been used for hundreds of thousands of years as a way of attaining a certain goal through the use of force. There are two main categories for which countries go to war:

1. Political,
2. Economic.

All of the possibilities fit into one (or both) of these two categories. For example:
1. Freedom from oppression (political)
2. Boundary disputes (political)
3. Assasination (political)
4. Resources (economic)
5. Poverty (economic)
6. Boundary disputes, again (economic)
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What was the reason for the Vietnam War?

Answer {Simple Less Information, but answers question} Vietnam started a war of independence with French colonial forces before WWII. The war was continued with and against US forces when France withdrew from the country in the 1950s and US forces took their place. US forces replaced French forces ( Full Answer )

What are the reasons for war?

The reasons for war could vary. It would either be because of anger or other problems with in the world

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THEELING . The questions that I will answer are three: "Do I waste time? If so, what are the general reasons? What can I do about it?" . In these questions, "I" means me, myself, personally. You will see some things about this. I have personalized your question so that it applies to me, and I ha ( Full Answer )

What are the reasons for generating energy as alternating current?


What was the reason for the second Punic war?

With a dispute between Rome and Carthage about territorialambitions of both cities, Hannibal Barca took the initiative andinvaded Italy to threaten Rome.

Reasons for Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War started because the British (redcoats) were starting to take over, and the Americans didn't like it. I think .

Reasons for wars?

Reasons for war very from simply misunderstandings to differencesin political views and direct, physical confrontations. Theultimate cause of wars is usually a combination of many issues.

What were the reasons to end the war on Japan?

Germany, Japan & Italy were part of a partnership, termed the "Axis Powers." A "Declaration of War" had existed between the Axis and the Allies since 1941.. Italy surrendered to the Allies in 1943.. Germany surrendered to the Allies in May 1945.. Japan surrendered to the Allies in August 1945; Si ( Full Answer )

Reasons for World War II?

well in Sept 1 1939 German invaded Poland followed by Finland and every other European city after that the last one to go was great Britain and president Roosevelt said if great Brittan goes the axis powers take control and America is an axis power and and axis power are protect the other continents ( Full Answer )

What are someImmoral reasons about the Vietnam war?

The majority of people who, at the time, believed that the war in Vietnam was immoral, generally also "believed" that war itself was "immoral." All wars in US history have been protested by it's citizens. A big example was the Mexican War of 1846-1848, in which the present states of California, Ariz ( Full Answer )

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Buying generic drugs will help you to save a great deal of moneyspent in medication. You will be well aware of the fact thatgeneric medications are exactly the same as the branded ones. Henceit is safe and effective to use the Generic drugs. The onlydifference of generic drugs when compared to the b ( Full Answer )

Reason for the war of 1812?

1. Continued violation of U.S. neutral rights at sea- Both Britain and France violated this. However, British violations seemed to be more blatant because of the impression of American seamen. Also because of the their cruelty during the American revolution. 2. Frontier Pressures- Americans on the ( Full Answer )

Which presidents were generals in wars and which wars?

Revolutionary War : Washington War of 1812: Jackson, William Harrison Mexican War : Taylor, Pierce, (Grant fought but was not yet a general ) Civil War: Grant, Hayes, Garfield, B. Harrison, (A. Johnson & Arthur held rank of general in non-combat service ) W W I : (Eisenhower fought but was ( Full Answer )

What is one reason general lee surrendered?

His Army was surrounded and had no way of escape and his men were starving. Furthermore he decided to surrender also to avoid a further, pointless bloodshed.

The reasons for war?

Mostly economic, although any number of philosophical reasons may be cited to justify war. These other reasons may have truth to them, or no truth at all, but the underlying causes of war are generally concerned with trade and natural resources, and who should control them.

What are tha reasons for giving generously?

Many people have different reasons for giving generously Some want to feel good about themselves and they want to feel like they help out other people. Their morals and ethics are responsible for their actions other people might be motivated by their believes In wicka there is a rule of 3 w ( Full Answer )

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Three general reasons to study chemistry are: 1. It is a part of everyday life. 2. It helps you understand the mechanism of everything that is going around you. 3. It tells you how reactions occur and bonds are formed, new substances are formed at the microscopic level. . Chemistry is the ( Full Answer )

What was the reason for Civil War of America?

The huge success of the cotton trade (based on slave-labour), which had surpassed 50% of the exports of the USA. It meant that the cotton-growing Southern states were looking rich enough to break away and form a separate nation. To prevent this, Congress had to try to appease the South with a seri ( Full Answer )

What was the reason General burnside resigned?

Burnside was fired because he lost about 10,000 men at the battle of fredrickburg and had to have his officers talk him out of attacking again. These officers may have saved another 1,000 people.

What was the reason of the south for the civil war?

They wanted to keep slavery in the country, because their ecosystem relied on slaves to do farm work. The north did not need slaves as much, because they didn't rely on farm work, like the southerners did. With out slaves in the south, then the farmers had to do their own work. That would have slowe ( Full Answer )

What were the reasons of the war?

As in the civil war, The south had lots of plantations and because of that if they had to pay workers there profit would go down. But the Union was different because it had lots of factories.So the union did not need slaves. Then the south attacked Fort Sumter so then the north called decidid it w ( Full Answer )

What is the real reason for the civil war?

My thought is the civil war was fought is for economic reasons. The Southerners relied on the slaves to do much , if not all, of their work. Plus of course there was the slave trade This was a major part of the economic life of the deep South. With slaves gone much of the South's economy would be gr ( Full Answer )

What were the reasons offered after the Iraq war?

There was something about 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' & we all had 45 minutes to live ! Oh dear: it appears we were misinformed. In retrospect it appears a poor way to effect 'Regime change'. An insecure base on which to go to war. This does not mean I think, thought rather, that Saddam Hussein wa ( Full Answer )

Reason of American Civil War?

There are three reasons that explain why the American Civil War started: 1) state's rights - the south felt like they weren't treated equally 2) sectionalism - favoring one section or state rather than the whole country 3) slavery - the south needed slaves for farming, the north was mostl ( Full Answer )

Reasons the war of 1812 started?

1. Continued violation of U.S. neutral rights at sea- Both Britain and France violated this. However, British violations seemed to be more blatant because of the impression of American seamen. Also because of the their cruelty during the American revolution. 2. Frontier Pressures- Americans on the ( Full Answer )

What is the histrial reason for the Trojan war?

There is some doubt on the historicity - the accounts we have come from songs sung by the bards hundreds of years before cursive writing was invented. The best we can say is that the Greeks spent a decade looting the east coast of the Aegean Sea culminating in the capture of Troy. The rest is ent ( Full Answer )

What is the reason for trojan war?

it started when Paris kidnapped Helen when Aphrodite sent a lying message to Menelaus that his brother, Agamemnon needs him ,but in some version, Helen fell in love with Paris that's why they eloped and went to Troy.

What were the reasons for seven year war?

The Seven Years War was called the French and Indian War in the colonies. War broke out there because England was fighting France on the seas and in all the territories of both nations. The colonists joined the fight because they hoped it would rid the western sections of the French, defeat the Indi ( Full Answer )

What was the reason for the World War I war?

Many reasons contributed to the start of World War 1. These include the assassination if the archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Empires and alliances were another factor along with militarism, nationalism, and crises.

What are some reasons wars are fought?

Some reasons that wars are fought today are: . To gain power and/or wealth. . To take control over territory. . For freedom. . Fear. . Dignity. . Religous reasons. . Resources. . Maybe, but not all the time, maybe revenge. . Sometimes glory. I hope you got something useful out of this ( Full Answer )

What were the reasons for the entry of the Vietnam war?

President Lydon Johnson lied to the American People that USA Navy Destroyers had been attacked at the Gulf of Tonkin by North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats. This lie led to the Tonkin Resolution, which led to the Vietnam War, 1965 to 1975. President LBJ said that the US Navy Sailors were probably just sh ( Full Answer )

What is the reason for the imbalance of line voltage of a generator?

It is hard to get a perfect mph/rpm on the motor of a generator, the amount of amps,watts,and volts are determined by the speed of the motor, The motor is connected to a magnet that is in a ring of copper wire, when the magnet is moved it causes a powerful static to be created, this is were w ( Full Answer )

What was the reason for a civil war?

Years of dispute between the slave-owning South, depending totally on imports in exchange for its plentiful cotton, and the increasingly industrial free-labour North, wanting to protect its industry through import tariffs. It had been getting harder to create new slave-states, so the votes in Congr ( Full Answer )

What was a reason for Peloponnesian War?

Athens converted the power and finances of the ant-Persian league to its own benefit and intervention in the affairs of the Greek cities. The vulnerable city-states joined a league with Sparta to oppose this. Athens' continuing aggressiveness brought Sparta's league to a final showdown over Megara, ( Full Answer )

What were reasons why Southerners opposed the war?

opposition to the war was strongest in georgia and and north carolina. barely half of georgians supported secession. there were nearly 100 peace protests in north carolina in 1863 alone. yet only virginia provided more troops to confederate armies than did north carolina.generally, regions with larg ( Full Answer )

What is the reason using rockets in war?

The concept of "Destroy the enemy with overwhelming force". Rockets take time and money to build but the result is all out destruction with zero friendly casualties since they can be fired remotely.

What was the reason behind the revolutionary war?

The Revolutionary War fought by the British's 13 American Colonies was fought to gain freedom from the British Crown and the British Empire. The economic status of the Colonies dependent upon the tax and tariff laws set forth from England. Many Americans also did not have the political freedom they ( Full Answer )

War for whatever reason is justified?

War for any reason cannot be justified. War is not accepted by any country. War brings destruction to lives and things. It damages resources. Any problems could be solved through meetings.