What are the genetic dangers of inbreeding?

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When two closely related individuals reproduce, there is more chance of their recessive genes combining and being shown into the individual's pheno type. When the two individuals are not so much related, their recessive genes will cancel out by their dominant genes. thus the offspring will have all the dominant genes which are very likely to be health. But in case of breeding between closely related individuals, they will have higher possibilites of carrying very similar genes. And in this case, the similar genes might be bad on the phenotype. And most cases, the recessive genes that were not apparent in the parent generation will phenotypize by combining due to these inbreeding. thus there are more chance that the offspring will come up with two recessive allelles that are defective and cause some kind of an illness or deformity.
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What is inbreeding?

Inbreeding is breeding between close relatives, whether plant or animal

Are genetically engineered plants dangerous to eat?

Nobody really knows. The educated guess is that: Genetically engineered plants are not dangerous to eat. The DNA of the altered plant or animal cannot directly affect our o

Why is inbreeding dangerous to the organism?

Inbreeding weakens a species' gene pool. Genetically related individuals will produce offspring genetically similar to themselves, and if those offspring also inbreed, the tre

What is the definition of inbreeding?

Inbreeding is a selective breeding method in which 2 individuals with identical or similar sets of alleles are crossed.

What is the genetic result of inbreeding?

When humans/animals interbreed with one another, mutations in the DNA occur, which leads to deformities in the newborn, if the foetus survives.

Why does inbreeding increase the rate of genetic defects and is this why a species needs a minimum population to avoid extinction... If so how do species arise from what must be a small sample?

Cross this set of alleles. Aa X AA The a is a deleterious genetic defect and in a small population the carriers of this defect will breed with each other in a probabilistic

What are the dangers of cross breeding or inbreeding cattle?

It is FAR more dangerous to inbreed cattle than to crossbreed them. Inbreeding exposes genetic abnormalities that would only be exposed if a hetero cow was crossed with a hete
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Does inbreeding increase genetic variation?

No it does not because you would be getting the same exact cells that your family already had. You would only get variation when you have a mixture of unrelated cells.
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How can new develops in genetic technology be a danger?

Because we're a long way away from knowing enough about it. An introduced change might move away and turn into something unforeseen that will cause trouble for us.
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What is a danger of genetically modified food?

There may be no danger with genetically modified foods, but many people are concerned that the effects of eating GMO foods is not known. While many studies show GMO food is sa