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There Is Jenny Frost, Natasha Hamilton And Liz McClarnon.

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How did Kerry katona become famous?

By singing in girl band atomic kitten

Which band did one of the sugababes used to sing in?

Heidi was in Atomic Kitten but left before they released their first single in the UK

What are the names of the girls in the band barlow girl?

Becca, Alyssa & Lauren. An awesome band=)

What are the names in the band boys like girls?


Band names starting with l?

Indigo Girls, India Arie

Good girl band names?

The Girls Next Door, Love bugs, SUGAR, Rockzy Girls......

What are the spice girls band names?

Baby, Posh, Scary, Ginger, Sporty

What are the names of four girls music band?

TLC salt and pepa pussycat dolls

What are the girls names' from the girl band Parade?

There names are Lauren, Bianca, Jessica, Sian and Emily. There are five of them in the girlband.

What are good band names for girls that are 12 years old?

im not sure how " tough cookies" is good for a band name but i like it.Well my band name is ' Passage ' but i don't really know what good band names are. I was looking up names on wiwkianswer so yeah. Sorry! ~ T.holmes2~

What are a few good band names?

It depends on where you are from...Like me i am 11 years old and I have a band and I live in Jersey city,New Jersey, The name of my band is ''Jersey Girls''.

What is the Clique Girls band last names?

Destinee Monroe Paris Monroe Ariel Moore

What are the three band members names Scouting for Girls?

Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard

What band sounds like tegan and sara its two girls and they use their names?

It could be Dash & Will. Although they are Australian.

When was Twelve Girls Band created?

Twelve Girls Band was created in 2001.

What are some cool screennames for girls?

Girls often choose screen names with the name of their favorite band and a number that is significant to them. They may also choose their name and a number.

What are the names of the girls in the band Wonderland?

Corrina Durran, Leigh Learmont, Kasey Smith, Sharon Condon and Jodi Albert

Why is the band Boys like girls called boys like girls'?

Because the band appearentley likes girls.

What are good band names for a band of 14 year old girls?

flowers on fire. the lovely young. the fine messes. fourteen fighters. kicking while screaming. 14.0 idk...depends what type of band it is.

Who is in the pistol annies band?

it is a band with 3 girls in it one of the girls is Miranda Lambert!

Do mb Princeton like girls with funny names?

Princeton is one of the members of the popular boy band, Mindless Behavior. Princeton doesn't specific whether or not he likes girls with funny names. He is just looking for someone with a kind heart.

How do you play Naked Brothers Band songs on Guitar?

Go to: Ultimate-guitar.com. Typ: Naked brothers band by band names, so change song names to band names. And there you are ;)

Band names for girls?

CA$H,Crush,Flower Power,We Rule,Our World 1.0,Freedom,Love,Peace Gals

What do cheetahs produce?

Cheetahs are used to make: bags, coats, entertainment (safari), clothing, hunting, band names (cheetah girls)

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