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There are over 20,000 gun control laws in the US ranging from local to state to federal. What specifically are you looking for?

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Q: What are the gun control laws in the US?
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How do police in Britain survive?

They have protection from Gun Control Laws that are not available in the US.

Who is pushing for gun control laws?

barak obama is pushing for more vigurous gun control laws and background checks

What us state has the least strict gun control laws?

I believe it's South Dakota.

What states have gun control laws?

All of them.

Where is your stance on gun control?

Your question asks for an opinion. My opinion is that gun control laws are based on a flawed belief that a person who will break laws regarding murder, robbery and rape will obey another law that says they may not have a gun. There are already about 20,000 Federal, State, and local gun laws on the books in the US. Gun control laws frequently do little except keep law abiding people from being able to defend themselves.

Does Italy have gun control?

They have gun laws. Whether they actually have the words "gun control" within any of their firearms legislature, I don't know, but they do have gun control.

Is there gun control in other countries?

Yes. Most cities have more onerous gun control laws than the United States does. However, many of them still have higher crime rates than the US does, and within the US, the states and cities with the strictest gun control laws often have the highest crime rates, such as Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Why are gun control laws ineffective?

Inadequate enforcement of existing laws.

What do people against gun control want to happen to the gun control legislation?

Depends on WHICH gun control legislation you mean. In the US, there are already several thousand "gun control" laws on the books. However, they do not work. They DO keep honest people from being able to defend themselves from criminals.

How many states passed gun control?

There are thousands of laws that relate to gun control, and cover every state. Those laws have been there for years.

What is the BATFE?

The B.A.T.F.E enforce gun control laws.

What places have strong gun control laws?


Who is in charge of gun control?

LEA's enforce the laws.

Why should gun control laws be stricter?

They should not be.

Should gun control have stricter laws?

It's arguable that the current gun control laws in the US are stretching the constitution to the breaking point. Anything much stricter and it would be impossible to maintain the fiction that they're compatible with the 2nd amendment.

What US state has the less strictest gun control laws?

Pennsylvania Wow, I thought It'd be Alaska or Texas....

What branch of government can make a law relating to gun control?

The Legislative, but why make gun control laws any way?

Who fights for gun control in the US?

People that believe that criminals who break laws about murder and robbery will obey a law about guns.

When a government control all firearms is called?

Gun laws.

Why is there controversy surrounding gun control?

Your questions asks for an opinion- here is mine. Gun control seeks to control the behavior of people by controlling things. In the US, there are several thousand gun laws already on the books. Some people feel there should be more laws. Some people feel the laws do not work- but keep honest people from being able to defend themselves. The difference in opinions is the controversy.

Do you have gun control in the US?

Yes- there are more than 2000 state, local and national laws relating to the sale and possession of firearms.

What laws are there on gun ownership around the world?

Literally, tens if not hundreds of thousands of laws. My copy of US state gun laws is about 2 inches thick. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 gun laws in the US- and you are asking about "around the world".

Why isn't gun control enforced?

Most laws aren't enforced.

How does the National Rifle Association and its members influence government legislation concerning gun laws?

NRA members vote against gun control laws.

What is pro gun control?

People that are in favor of creating more laws regulating the manufacture, sale, and possession of guns are Pro Gun Control. Now, personal opinion- This is a belief that you can control BEHAVIOR by regulating THINGS. The US already has over 20,000 firearms laws in Federal, State, and local level. When someone violates a law, politicians rush to enact more laws.