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What are the half equations for purifying copper?


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I will use an electrolysis example to possibly give you a better understanding. This is a copper half equation.

The main points of half equations are:

Metals are always positively charged and non metals are negative.

When the two come together, they will form an ionic bond, by on donating electrons to the other to form a complete outer shell, this should not be confused with covalent bonding.

In electrolysis, the purifying of copper takes place at the negative electrode, or the 'cathode'.

Now finally for the half equation :) :

Cu2+ + 2e- -> Cu

The first part is the positively charged but impure copper.

The second part is the number of electrons which displace the impurities, which will often form a sludge at the bottom of the container this experiment is done in.

The last part is the final part of the equation, the pure copper.

I hope that this mad sense and that i did not blabble needlessly.