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For simplicity's sake, I'll stick to currently supported Linux distros and versions of Windows. None of these are the "optimal" requirements, but rather the "minimum recommended."

133 Mhz Pentium (or compatible) processor

32 MB of RAM

2 GB hard drive with 650 MB free.

VGA video card


CD / DVD-ROM drive

233 Mhz Pentium (or compatible) processor

64 MB of RAM

Hard drive with at least 1.5 GB free

Keyboard & mouse

Video card with SVGA resolution.

CD / DVD-ROM drive

800 Mhz Pentium III (or compatible) processor

512 MB of RAM.

20 GB hard drive

Keyboard & mouse

VESA-compliant video card

DVD drive.

486DX-66 processor


50 MB of free space on hard drive (can be run straight from a CD)

Keyboard / mouse

VGA monitor

486 processor

48 MB / 64 MB - command line only *

64 MB - with desktop

1 GB / 5 GB hard drive - without / with desktop

VGA video card (for desktop)

keyboard (mouse needed for desktop)

Installation medium - install can be performed over network, with boot floppies and internet connection, or CD drive

*64 MB is the charted minimum. 48 MB is mentioned in the paragraph explaining that the estimates recommendations are conservative

300 Mhz processor

64 MB of RAM

4 GB free hard drive space

CD / DVD drive

VGA card

keyboard / mouse

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What are the hardware requirements for a dedicated server linux?

The hardware requirements will vary depending on the application. it is best to consutl with a IT professional for installation.

Is Linux hardware?

No, Linux is simply the operating system running on the hardware, much in the same way that you could run Windows or another OS on the same hardware.

Can a Centrino Duo run Linux?

Linux can run with virtually any hardware configuration, but it is best to check the system requirements for your Linux distro.

What are the memory management differences between Linux and Windows?

Linux has various versions. Windows steals linux and add various inefficiency so that people will force to buy new hardware.

What are the hardware differences between Windows and Linux?

The only differences hardware-wise between Windows and Linux are CPU architechtures. Windows use x86 CPU architechture and Linux can run on any architechture it is compiled for (from source code). Usually, you will find Linux precompiled for mainstream CPU architechtures (ie. - x86, Sparc, ARM, etc..)

Once minimum hardware requirements are satisfied where should a technician look to determine if the computer hardware has been tested with Windows XP?

the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility Lis

What are the system requirements of Windows Movie Maker?

System requirements for Windows Movie Maker depends on your video card, level of hardware acceleration or hardware acceleration, and whether or not you have a previous version already installed.

What are the hardware specs needed for Windows 7?

Why is Windows better than Linux?

Windows can be better in a few ways. One is that it supports more hardware. Another is that more programs run on it.

Can you install Windows XP over Windows 98?

Yes, as long as the hardware meets XP's minimum requirements.

Can Red Hat Linux 8 be upgraded to Windows XP?

Windows XP is not in the direct upgrade path of Red Hat Linux 8.0. If you want to install Windows XP on a computer / server with RHL, you need to check the hardware specifications to see if Windows XP supports it.

System software that acts as a liaison between the user and the computers hardware and software?

Operating System, such as Windows or Linux.

Can you install desktop operating system on a laptop?

Any operating system that you can run on a desktop can run on a laptop as long as the hardware requirements are met. Installation procedure is similar to the one on a desktop. This applies to Windows, Linux and Mac

Can you upgrade Windows 2000 to Windows Vista?

The real question is can you hardware handle an upgrade. I would check the Vista hardware requirements and make sure your PC is up to the challenge.

Which edition of windows servers 2003 cites the strictest hardware requirements?

Web Edition

Is there a way to build a Windows 7 ready computer that would be cheaper than a Linux ready machine?

No. Any machine that is capable of running Windows 7 is equally capable of running Linux; thus virtually every computer is "Linux ready." Depending on your specific needs, Linux can be run on far less powerful and cheaper hardware than Windows 7 can.

How is Linux related to windows and mac os?

Linux to Windows: There is no relation at all aside from both being created for the same hardware initially. Linux to OS X: Technically no relation. however OS X is a full Unix-compliant operating system, meaning it actually does a lot of things very similarly to Linux.

Once minimum hardware requirements are satisfiedwhere should a technician look to determine if the computer hardware tested with windows xp?

Microsoft maintains an HCL (Hardware compatibility list) of hardware tested and certified for Windows XP. You can obtain this list on Microsoft's website.

What kind of multiprocessing do Windows and Linux do?

Preemptive (both Windows and Linux).

What are the examples of a Windows and Linux operating systems?

Windows = Windows 8 Linux = Ubuntu 14.04

Is seven an example of a windows and a Linux operating system?

7 is an example of Windows. But Linux is not Windows and there is no "Linux 7." Linux is a completely different operating system and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

What are the memory and storage requirements for Windows Server 2008 and Linux?

Linux can encompass a wide variety of platforms and system requirements. For a reasonable comparison between a Windows server, and a Linux server, let's use a common Linux server product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux: 2 GB RAM minimum 6 GB free hard drive space Windows Server 2008: 512 MB RAM minimum (2 GB or more recommended) 10 GB free space minimum (40 GB or more recommended)

Why can't we use Linux OS in embedded system instead of VxWorks?

Depending on the system in question, you can. VxWorks has lower hardware requirements than Linux, so it is often used in weaker systems.

Is minecraft 1.7 compatible with Windows XP?

minecraft 1.7 Minimum System Requirements:​OS: Windows XP; Mac OS X; GNU/Linux;

What it is HCL in Linux?

hardware compatibility list (HCL) is a list of computer hardware that may or may not run in Linux.