What are the hardware requirements for Windows and Linux?

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March 02, 2009 4:34PM

For simplicity's sake, I'll stick to currently supported Linux distros and versions of Windows. None of these are the "optimal" requirements, but rather the "minimum recommended."

133 Mhz Pentium (or compatible) processor

32 MB of RAM

2 GB hard drive with 650 MB free.

VGA video card


CD / DVD-ROM drive

233 Mhz Pentium (or compatible) processor

64 MB of RAM

Hard drive with at least 1.5 GB free

Keyboard & mouse

Video card with SVGA resolution.

CD / DVD-ROM drive

800 Mhz Pentium III (or compatible) processor

512 MB of RAM.

20 GB hard drive

Keyboard & mouse

VESA-compliant video card

DVD drive.

486DX-66 processor


50 MB of free space on hard drive (can be run straight from a CD)

Keyboard / mouse

VGA monitor

486 processor

48 MB / 64 MB - command line only *

64 MB - with desktop

1 GB / 5 GB hard drive - without / with desktop

VGA video card (for desktop)

keyboard (mouse needed for desktop)

Installation medium - install can be performed over network, with boot floppies and internet connection, or CD drive

*64 MB is the charted minimum. 48 MB is mentioned in the paragraph explaining that the estimates recommendations are conservative

300 Mhz processor

64 MB of RAM

4 GB free hard drive space

CD / DVD drive

VGA card

keyboard / mouse