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What are the health benefits of a bran muffin.

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Q: What are the health benefits of bran muffins?
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What kinds of muffins do people eat at breakfast?

You can have all kinds of muffins. Some of the most popular are banana muffins and apple and cinnamon muffins. mmmmm..... They also have bran, poppy seed, pumpkin, chocolate chip, blue berry, raisin bran, corn.

What is the best recipe for bran muffins?

The best receipies for bran muffins include Whole Wheat Flour, Bran and something to give a crunch when you bit in to them such as walnuts. Mix the ingredients and remember to leave to rest so the bran has time to stack up the liquid.

Which type of food molds fastest?

bran muffins or strawberries

A part of wheat that is used to make cereal and muffins?

It's bran I think?

Can you use cornflour instead of cornmeal in muffins?

NO, totally different thing use bran

Where can I get a recipe for bran muffins?

You can find a recipe for bran muffin from your local book stores and superstores and newsagents and stationers. Alternatively, you can buy it online at and

Can you use oat bran cereal instead of oat bran flour to bake muffins?

I don't think I would use oat bran cereal in place of oat bran flour. While oat bran cereal will have a high content of oat bran or even oat bran flour, the two are not interchangeable and won't give you the same results.

Maria baked forty-eight bran muffins for a bake sale. Ten of the muffins were sold in the first hour. What fraction in simplest form shows the portion of the muffins that were sold in the first?

10/48 = 5/24

Can you use flour instead of bran in muffins?

No, flour should not be used to replace the bran in a muffin recipe. There will already be some flour called for, to form the batter. The bran provides fiber, texture and flavor that flour does not provide.

What is the nutritional value of Costco's bran muffins?

Costco raisin bran muffin has the following nutritions such as: 1. total fat - 28g 2. Saturated - 5g 3. Calories - 590

What is the difference between unprocessed bran and oat bran?

Unprocessed bran is not the same as oat bran; it would be referring to wheat bran. Have you checked at a health food store? They will definitely carry it. As far as subbing the oat bran, it would depend on the recipe.

Are blueberry bran muffins good for you?

Blueberries are good for you and bran is good for you, but if the muffin is loaded with sugar and fat, then no, it wouldn't be good for you. Make them yourself so you know what is going into them and you can feel confident that what you are eating is good for you.

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