What are the health benefits to eating purple potatoes Raw the potatoes are purple all the way through the potato?

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Potatoes are part of a healthy diet. Cooking them with the skins on tends to make them better for you. The only difference in a blue (the correct term for a purple potato) potato is the flavour.
Having grown up eating both the Blue skinned and the totally blue potatoes, I can say I am very fond of the flavour, as are any of the people I have introduced to them.
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What are in potatoes?

A good deal of starch, fiber, natural sugars and vitamins. Starch, mostly. It is a plant and the potato grows in the ground. it is not only a plant but a bulb plant.

Is eating raw potatoes unhealthy?

No, raw potatoes are not toxic, with the exception of the green parts. These may contain toxic levels of solanin. Raw potatoes, however, may cause flatulence in many people.

Can you get sick from eating raw potatoes?

If the potatoes are growing (have a green tinge) then they are poisonous and are not fit for anything except growing or composting.. If you have an regularly unhealthy diet, then you may get stomach aches.. If the potatoes look unhealthy, then it is probably not safe to eat. . Otherwise, no, you ( Full Answer )

Can you eat potatoes raw?

Yes, but because of the cellulose, your body can not extract any nutients without cooking.

What makes a purple potato purple?

They contain the same antioxidants found in blueberries- anthocyanin which gives blueberries their blue color and purple potatoes their purple color. The color that anthocyanin takes is based upon the pH. A purple potato is a kind of potato that has purple skin and or flesh (sometimes called blue ( Full Answer )

Where are potatoes from?

Potatoes are originally from the Andes, more specifically south of Peru (close to Titicaca lake). Around 1530s Europeans began to take potatoes to the rest of the world. Potatoes come from the ground, the edible tubers on the roots of the potato plant ( Solanum tuberosum ). They are grown in many pa ( Full Answer )

How do you can potatoes?

to can potatoes, first you grab a turd, squeeze the juice into a can. Then you cook a potato in boiling water for 5 minutes, and place the potato in the can. add more turd juice until full, and then seal the can.

Does eating raw potatoes give you a fever?

I have been poking around in forums and stuff. and people are saying yes becaus they have a tiny amount of toxine in when raw.which disaperes when cooked.

What is the right way to eat potatoes?

To retain the original goodness then unpeeled steamed potatos are best. See the following article.. http://www.healthmad.com/Nutrition/Celery-Can-Kill-You.371543

Will chickens eat raw potatoes?

Yes they will however you must peel them...raw potato peel is not good for chickens as it contains solanine which is toxic to chickens. Potatoes are part of the nightshade family of plants. If you wish to feed peeling to the birds as a treat with other kitchen scraps you must cook the peels first.

Can you eat raw potato?

Certainly, you can eat raw potato, but it has very little flavor. Cooked potato is much more satisfying.

Where do you get potatoes?

Potatoes grow on a type of shrub that grows very low to the ground, providing much ground cover. The ends of the shrub branches (spuds or 'eyes') have the appearance of roots so they natural grow into the grow, but this is actually the site of potato growth. This explains how they grow underground.

Can you eat raw sweet potato?

Sweet potato shows trypsin inhibitor activity. That means it contains an enzyme inhibitor that blocks the action of trypsin, an enzyme that digests proteins. The trypsin inhibitor is deactivated by cooking. Sweet potato should not be eaten raw.

Why can't hamster eat potatoes raw?

\nPotatoes are somewhat poisonous, even to humans, being such a small animal it is probably not too good for them.

Can dogs eat raw potatoes?

When I`m cutting up potatoes and drop one my dogs grab it but I wouldn`t just feed them potatoes for food everyday.Dogs need dog food.I`ve seen dogs die from eating people food.

Can Hamsters eat raw potatoes?

Hamster's cant eat food like us. They need hamster food. If they eat humain food they can die

What are potatoes?

Potatoes grow on trees, they look nice and green once they areripe, just pick it and bite it - delicious sweet flavour. Do notcook it.

What is a purple potato?

A purple potato is a kind of potato that has purple skin and or flesh (sometimes called blue) with varieties being Purple Peruvian, Davis Purple, Eureka Purple, Fenton Blue, Purple Mountain, Blue Tomcat etc. They turn purple cause of the plants chemicals. A purple potato is a kind of potato that has ( Full Answer )

Can horses eat raw potatoes?

I don't think it would be a good idea, you can always call and ask a local equine veterinarian though.

Why do you have potatoes?

Because they are yummy, delicious, and have loads of vitamin A and C? Also they ROCK

Are raw potatoes safe to eat?

No, raw potatoes contain an alkaloid called solanine that is eliminated during the cooking process. Eating a large amount of raw potatoes can lead to liver, heart, and gastrointestinal damage.

Can you eat raw potatoes left out overnight?

If you are referring to raw, unpeeled, uncut potatoes - they will be fine. Potatoes that have been cut or, to use the industry term, "minimally processed" should be treated as potentially hazardous food and should not be left out overnight.

What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

Food that are made by potatoes. french fries,mashed potatoes,chips,baked potatoes,potato salad,potato recipe,cheese and chive potatoes,escalloped potatoes,party potatoes,ham and potatoe hash,and potato recipe. The favorite way to eat potatoes is cut the skin and after cut the skin eat the inside of ( Full Answer )

What is the history on purple potatoes?

Like all potatoes they are native to Peru. There is know way of knowing when they were first grown since there are many purple potato varieties among the hundreds of different potato varieties that were first developed in Peru. When you buy from seed catalogs there is usually a blurb telling you abo ( Full Answer )

What is the health benefits of Potato?

Potatoes often get a bad reputation because nowadays the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks "potato" is the ever popular french fries. Potatoes are often deep fried or is drenched in butter, sour crem, cheese, and covered in bacon. A potato itself, is packed with fiber and potassium ( Full Answer )

What disease is caused by eating raw potato?

You will not get sick if you eat a raw potato that has no green in it. However, there are glycoalkaloids in potatoes that if exposed to light or have aged, will cause a build up of solanine or chaconine. If ingested, solanine can cause cramps, diarrhea, headaches, and in severe cases coma or death. ( Full Answer )

What do potatoes have in it?

Potatoes contain....well, potatoes. They are a plant that we grow.They can be mixed with many other things when prepared as food-cheese, onions, peppers, milk, butter, oil, salt etc. So to answeryour question, we would need to know WHAT potato based food you areasking about.

Does the potato bug eat potatoes?

Potato bugs do eat potato's but prefer other foods such as fruits ,humans dead skin, humans scabs ,and dried leafs and a lot more

Is eating raw sweet potato harmful?

As far as I know, it is not unhealthy, but depending on where it has been, it is more safe to have it cooked to get the bacteria out of it.

Can dog eat purple potato?

Well it won`t hurt them but they can make the dog fat over time,so please feed the dog just dog food.There are good kinds of dog food that have potatoes in it.

Is eating raw potatoes bad?

Eating raw tomatoes must be the single handedly most heathy thingto eat acording to (fit magazine) due to there starches they are filled with protien and such thatare really good for you.

Can you be a potato?

Only in the figurative sense. A couch potato is someone who spends his days sitting on a couch watching TV or whatever.

Can you eat sweet potato raw?

Sweet potato shows trypsin inhibitor activity. That means it contains an enzyme inhibitor that blocks the action of trypsin, an enzyme that digests proteins. The trypsin inhibitor is deactivated by cooking. Sweet potato should not be eaten raw. .

Is it safe to eat a raw red potato?

Only in very small quantities. Excessive amounts can cause serious problems. See related link for more information.

Can Eating Raw Potatoes make you ill?

In general, no they won't make you sick, though some people may get some diarrhea. It is best to peel the potato first though, and avoid green potatoes. A toxin in or just under the skin of the potato, called solanine, can cause nasty side effects. I have added a link below. I think your partl ( Full Answer )

Can it be harmful in any way for a cat to eat raw potato?

Yes. Raw potato and any part of the plant is toxic to a cat's system. Potatoes, as well as tomatoes belong to the plant family Solanaceae, and are related to Deadly Nightshade plant. They contain a poisonous alkaloid that can cause violent diarrhoea and other, more serious, symptoms. Uncooked or gre ( Full Answer )

How do you can a potato?

Peel, place in canning jars, add salt, water to cover, place lid and ring on jar, and process in pressure canner for specified time (different for different sized jars.

Why we cant eat potato raw?

You can eat raw potatoes. They have a starchier taste than cooked potatoes and have a hearty crunch! Actually, the tubers of the potato plant are somewhat poisonous in their raw state due to an alkaloid called solanine . Excessive intake of raw potatoes can cause liver, heart, and gastrointestina ( Full Answer )

Can you eat the skin of purple potatoes?

Yes. Not only is it possible to eat purple potatoes with the skin on, it is healthy. A lot of the nutrients are right below the skin and pealing the skin also peals away most of the nutrients.

What can you do with a potato?

You can: make sweet potatoes. Sweetpotatoe pie. Sweet potatoechips. Sweet potatoe fries. Sweet potatoe tots. Sweet potatoe whip. French fries. Waffle fries. Fat fries.baked potatoe. Potatoe skins. Natcho toppings. Mashed potatoes. Fried potatoes(you can fry just abou anything) regular tots. Potatoe ( Full Answer )

Can pigs eat raw potato?

Raw potatoes are a general NO for pigs ( though they can have a little, just not much of their total intake as they can be poisonous raw, cooked are fine )