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What are the historical changes in the specification of an official basketball?

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What historical changes stimulated the development of the discipline of sociology?

the historical changes were the rise industrail factories.

How high is the basketball hoop in 6th grade basketball?

as high as highschool changes at 4th grade.

What changes were made to the basketball?


What are the Historical change in sectors in India?

Write a note on historical changes on sectors

What basketball players that caused changes in the rules?

Allen iverson

' uniform motion in a circle in which speed is constant but velocity is changing'?

This is because the term "velocity" includes a specification both of a speed, and a direction. The direction changes, therefore the velocity changes.

What changes did Queen Elizabeth bring?

She created the roots of modern basketball

What do historical geologists study?

physical and biological changes that have occured in the past.

What does goal counts in basketball?

The score keeper changes the score board with the computer. (:

What causes the change in pressure when a basketball is pumped up?

the number of molecules changes

Fair value changes are not recognized in the accounting records?

historical cost principle

Did shakespeare make any changes to the historical plot of Macbeth?

ur bad

Changes in musical style from one historical period to the next are usually?


Which historical trend was most responsible for the changes in birmingham's population?

Industrial Growth.

Which historical trend was most responsible for the changes in birminghams population?

Industrial Growth.

How many official changes have been made to the constitution?

27 amendments..

What are six basketball changes since 1892?

How they dress. They use to could not dribble and shoot.

What contributes to changes in language?

I think its, historical events, discoveries, new ideas, and individuals.

Maps show changes of land ownership over how many years?

Historical maps

Does the rim of a basketball ever change size?

No. The size of a basketball rim never changes. It will always be the size of 2 basketballs (regulation size) put together.

The factors of production are the result of what historical changes?

The factors of production, key to a capitalistic system, are the result of historical changes that made labor a key to creating wealth, made real estate out of land that had been in families for generations, and made capital out of possessions.

David Beckham number?

His official number is 23 but it changes with each team

Is there an official first day of of summer?

well it is May 12 sometimes it changes

Who is the official uniform supplier for the military?

Whoever the low bidder is this year. It changes.

Explore the changes that happen within the body when the basketball players are playing the match?

mamamamama from anoymous