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What are the homophone for two?


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What is the homophone for quite

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A homophone for too is to or two.

A homophone for to is too or two.

the homophone for too is two and to. There is no homophone for much

Homophone is two words pronounced the same but with different meanings, the two words do not have to be spelt differently to be a homophone, therefore draw is a homophone of draw.

There are two possibilities: Rise is a homophone of "ryes." Bear (to withstand) is a homophone of "bare."

A homophone for bookmark would be "book mark". It's still a homophone even though it is two words. That is the only homophone for bookmark.

two<-- homophone , im not too sure about this one too <-- homophone

There is no homophone to "sheriff". But, there are two words that sound a lot like it. They are, Share If.

A good homophone would be tied. A homophone is spelled diffferently but sounds the same. ex. herd, heard; to, too, two

A homophone triplet is when three words are homophones. Examples include: there/they're/their and to/too/two.

it has two: were, wear And ware

You call it a homophone.

The homophone of their is there

i dont really remember what a homophone is but if its when two words sound the same but are spelled differently then "scene"

Homophones exist for words not phrases, a homophone is two or more words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling (e.g. new and knew). So there is no homophone for "to gain" and there is also no homophone for 'gain'.

For has two homophones: The number four and fore.

State of the air: weather. Which of two: whether.

a homophone is to words that are different but sound the same such as to and two of blue and blew homophones are everywhere just gotta look

The homophone is the same word -- mad. The word mad has two meanings: mad = crazy mad = angry

"Aloud" is two syllables.

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