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What are the immediate signs of conception?


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There are no immediate signs of conception. You may experience some implantation bleeding several days after ovulation.

How about if you are still discharging after your missed period, its been 2 weeks and a day since i had unprotected sex, and My periods are very regular and yet I don't have it. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I suppose I am too early on taking it. I have headaches/bloating/fatigue/frequent urination/missed period/nausea but not vomiting/cramping/and discharge. Do you suppose I could be pregnant?

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2 weeks after conception at the earliest

Yes, you can. When I was pregnant with my son, I knew I was pregnant the day after conception because my breasts were very sore from conception until the 2nd trimester.

The first signs of pregnanct, which will typically appear about a week after conception is going to be things such as: missed period, morning sickness, tender breasts, swollen breasts, and possible fatigue.

It varies from woman to woman, but some common early signs are nausea, loss or gain of appetite, headaches, stomach aches and vomiting.

Yep. I was born on my conception date, but I still showed many signs that I was born a little too early. It happens all the time.

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You can not know from any signs or symptoms that you have conceived. Your loose stool has nothing to do with the conception.

It varies from woman to woman. You may not have any signs, but you could experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches and loss or gain of appetite.

Sore breasts, brown spotting (sign of implamation) nausea, vomiting

many women start signs later or sooner than othe many have no symptoms through their pregnancy . signs for some start as soon as conception . hope this helps Most women tend to get pregnancy signs as soon as after four weeks after the due date of their next period.

A woman can experience early pregnancy signs at two weeks. You may experience a tingling or prickling sensation at the nipples of your breasts. You may also have tender breasts after conception.

Just after conception, but usually not until four weeks after the last menstrual period. That is when the "test" turns positive.

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After symptoms are immediate, however signs of pregnancy won't be noticeable until about 2 months after

the earliest signs are usually 11 days. some women take longer though because production varies.

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You may not be able to know for sure if you're officially pregnant, but you can show signs within a few days. I personally had a lot of breast tenderness within 3-5 days of conception.

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