What are the implications of learning on managerial performance?

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define managerial implications in managment
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Managerial implications of a borderless organization?

The managerial implications of a borderless organization are quitediverse. This is an organization that operates across the bordersand requires high efficiency in terms of man

Skills required for effective managerial performance?

Conceptual Skills: Ability to use information to solve business problems, identification of opportunities for innovation, recognizing problem areas and implementing solutions

Managerial implications of ebanking?

embanking is advantageous in all aspects. But when technicaldifficulties happens it is the worse scenario. Managerial peopleare responsible for the tracking of accounts in tho

What do you observe to be the managerial implications of the differences if any?

I saw the same question in a thread for a college. This is what it was about. It was looking at Microsoft Project for instance, if the manager is allocating resources and n

Implication on the teaching learning process?

1. teaching can be made effective by relating to learning. 2. the appropriate teaching-conditions and structures may be generated for effective learning. 3. the appropriate T

What are the implication of incentive on employees performances?

Incentives can help motivateemployees to go the extra step to reach certain goals. When peoplehave something to work for and they know there is a possibility ofreward for meet
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What are the implications of classical conditioning theory of learning?

The classical conditioning theory of learning says that learning isbased on forming habits. It is a condition of learned responses tovarious stimuli. One can be taught to do s
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How do communication skills affect managerial performance?

Communication skills are among the most important skills in themanagerial performance. The advantages of the communication are: 1)Dedicated employes 2)good relationship with t