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The Importance of First Aid is to control any Venum that the animals or insects give of when they fill danger and if we did not know any of this the patient will be able to die

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Q: What are the importance of first aid?
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What is the difference between importance and Principles of First Aid?

Importance = Why we use first aid and its benefits as first response to the casualty Principles = What we do in accident situations to assist the casualty

Importance of first aid emergency in tourism industry?

Importance of first aid emergency in tourism industry is that, people need to be equipped due to the dangers of wild animals.

Importance of having a first aid?

In case of an small wound or injury,medical care will be taken from the first aid.

Importance of first aid training?

First aid training is important for every one to prepare themselves for any critical situation or in an emergency.

Importance of first aid?

First aid is the First aid. Is is the initial treatment of injuries. Sometimes it's role is basic life support while waiting for advanced life support (Ambulance).

Need and importance of first aid?

GIVING first aid: The need is to help treat people with both minor and serious injuries to prevent their injury becoming worse, and to promote their recovery. The Importance is to potentially save someones life. LEARNING first aid: The need is so that if you are faced with a situation where first aid is required, you will have the knowledge to be able to deal with the incident. The importance is the same as the fact that you can have the potential to be able to save someones life.

Importance of first aid in school?

having first aid in school can greatly reduce accidental injuries, and prevent major ones. making all students certified in first aid and CPR is a great resource to society.

What is the importance of first aid to life?

First aid is only important to life in the case of an emergency that requires immediate intervention, such as severe injury, anaphylactic shock, or cardiac arrest. In the absence of such issues, there is no need for first aid. However, it is always good to be prepared and no how to administer first aid.

What is the importance of first aid in 2 pages?

No one is going to write a 2 page paper for you!

What are the importance of a first aid kit?

when some one is injured they would need a first aid kit to calm them selves from being injured bit by bit before they can be treated by the hospital.

What is the importance of first aid?

First aid is important because it is the essential primary care given to an injured person hence the name, "first aid". If a person were simply thrown in the back of the ambulance on route to a hospital then it would be possible that he or she could bleed out where as if proper first aid were given they might have lived. First aid is important because it is an immediate care...

In a rebus puzzle what is aid aid aid?

if the arrow point to the top aid: Aid (arrow pointing toward it) Aid Aid Answer: First Aid

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