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In chemistry, an indicator can refer to one of a few things:

  • pH indicator, a chemical detector for protons in acid-base titrations
  • Redox indicator, a chemical detector for redox titrations
  • Complexometric indicator, a chemical detector for metal ions in complexometric titrations
  • Zeta potential, a property of interfaces in fluids for Zeta potential titration

The most common usage is generally as a pH indicator. Synthetic indicators include:

  • Gentian violet (Methyl violet) - Turns yellow to blue-violet
  • Leucomalachite green (first transition) - Turns yellow to green
  • Leucomalachite green (second transition) - Turns green to colorless
  • Thymol blue (first transition) - Turns red to yellow
  • Thymol blue (second transition) - Turns yellow to blue
  • Methyl yellow - Turns red to yellow
  • Bromophenol blue - Turns yellow to purple
  • Congo red - Turns blue-violet to red
  • Methyl orange - Turns red to orange
  • Bromocresol green - Turns yellow to blue-green
  • Methyl red - Turns red to yellow
  • Methyl red / Bromocresol green - Turns red to green
  • Azolitmin - Turns red to blue
  • Bromocresol purple - Turns yellow to purple
  • Bromothymol blue - Turns yellow to blue
  • Phenol red - Turns yellow to red
  • Neutral red - Turns red to yellow
  • Cresol Red - Turns yellow to reddish-purple
  • Phenolphthalein - Turns colorless to fuchsia
  • Thymolphthalein - Turns colorless to blue
  • Alizarine Yellow R - Turns yellow to red

Many plants or plant parts contain chemicals from the naturally-colored anthocyanin family of compounds. This would include litmus paper, which is a water-soluble mixture of different dyes extracted from lichens, especially Roccella tinctoria. They are red in acidic solutions and blue in basic. Extracting anthocyanins from red cabbage leaves or the skin of a lemon to form a crude acid-base indicator is a popular introductory chemistry demonstration.

Anthocyanins can be extracted from a multitude of colored plants or plant parts, including from leaves (red cabbage); flowers (geranium, poppy, or rose petals); berries (blueberries, blackcurrant); and stems (rhubarb).

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Q: What are the indicators that are used in chemistry?
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What are the Different types of indicators used in chemistry analysis?

there are 3 types of indicators:- 1. self indicators 2. absorbing indicators 3. external indicators

Why do indicators in chemistry change color when placed in different substances?

The indicators which change color is litmus paper strips.

What are the most common liquid or paper indicators used in chemistry?

Litmus paper, Turmeric paper Methyl orange, Phenolphtalein,

What does it mean if the indicator in chemistry is blue?

There are many different indicators in chemistry which can be blue. Some indicators indicate the presence of a species such as a metal ion, whereas others are pH sensitive. The exact meaning depends on the specific indicator used. For example, blue litmus paper indicates a basic solution.

What are some examples of the indicators in chemistry?

tamarind,litmus paper,methyle orange

What are the six indicators in chemistry?

Some indicators are: methyl orange, thymol blue, Congo red, bromcresol green, phenolphthalein, alizarine yellow R.

How can a pH indicator be useful?

pH indicators are frequently used in analytic chemistry and biology experiments to determine the extent of a chemical reaction. Because of the determination of color, pH indicators are sometimes wrong. For applications requiring precise measurement of pH, a pH meter is frequently used.

What are the 3 main chemistry indicators?

litmus paper and pH scale i am not sure about the rest :)

What are examples of self indicators in chemistry?

potassium permanganate is a good example of self indicator

What can indicators identify?

Indicators are used frequently for testing pH; but many other indicators exist for other compounds or ions.

Where are indicators used?

Titrametric Reaction

What is an indicator and what are the common indicators used for pH?

the common indicators are universal indicator and litmus paper

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How can chemistry mole can be used?

in chemistry

what are forex indicators and what do they do?

Forex indicators are tools used to try and evaluate the market predictions.

What is difference between external and internal indicators used in titration?

Internal indicators that are used in titration exist in the titration reaction as either a reactant or a product. External indicators is added to the reaction mixture, but does not exist in the reaction.

What are the indicators used in chemistry practicals and there characteristics?

There is multiple, the most common would probably be Litmus Paper and Universal Indicator. The properties they have (the relavent ones) is that they turn a certain color when mixed with an acid or base.

Describe what chemist study and how chemistry is used?

Describe what chemists study and how chemistry is used

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What is meant by External Indicator used in titration?

Indicators used outside the titration flask are termed as external indicators. A very commonly used external indicator is potassium ferricyanide

Why are Daltons symbol not used in chemistry?

Dalton's symbols are not used in chemistry because it is very difficult to represent in chemistry

When these types of words are used in an argument they are indicators that a premise has been made and a conclusion will soon follow?

conclusion indicators

Why are external indicators used in titration of estimation of purity of alcohol?

because external indicators are weak acids or bases and alcohol itself being a weak acid will react with it if it is used in vessel with them..... hence the titration is done using external indicators....

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I am currently studying Chemistry, and it mainly involves topics such as:AcidsAlkalisChemical ReactionsUniversal IndicatorsOxygen Reactions and other gasesSaltsand generally different chemical mixes etc.