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What are the influence of saewage in the quality of water

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G. J. Pelletier has written: 'Colville River water quality' -- subject(s): Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Sewage disposal plants, Measurement, Pollution, Sewage disposal plants, Total maximum daily load, Water, Water quality, Water quality management

Sewage contaminates water.

The waste water is sewage water. It contains domestic wastes.

Diana L Dugas has written: 'Water-quality data for two surface coal mines reclaimed with alkaline waste or urban sewage sludge, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, May 1983 through November 1989' -- subject(s): Coal mines and mining, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Coal mines and mining, Environmental aspects of Sewage, Groundwater, Quality, Sewage, Water quality

pollution of water sources by anything that can be considered sewage. pollution of water sources by anything that can be considered sewage.

A drainage system for carrying surface water and sewage for disposal.

filters out the sewage from the water

T. H. Y. Tebbutt has written: 'Water science and technology' -- subject(s): Sewage disposal, Water, Water-supply engineering, Water-supply, Pollution 'Principles of water quality control' -- subject(s): Water, Water quality management, Purification 'BASIC water and wastewater treatment' -- subject(s): Data processing, Purification, Water, BASIC (Computer program language), Sewage

There is no importance of sewage that can be found. The importance of sewage treatment plants are the ability to clean raw sewage from the water supply and environment.

what type of sewage water is released from railway station

K. Sakamoto has written: 'Mitchell's Bay Water Treatment Plant' -- subject(s): Water, Drinking water, Water quality management, Water-supply, Management, Water treatment plants, Purification 'Phosphorus removal in lagoons by batch dosing' -- subject(s): Purification, Sewage lagoons, Sewage, Phosphate removal

Sewage is a term for the waste of people and animals. Normally, sewage is sent off to a treatment plant, and kept entirely separate from drinking water. If sewage was to enter the water supply, it would make people extremely sick.

Hello, the anwer is they prefer 'sewage water' this is because this is their habitat they are adapted to it

Samuel D. Faust has written: 'Organic compounds in aquatic environments' -- subject(s): Water, Composition, Sewage, Water quality

Sewage is the dirty water which is poured down sewers from drains and lavatories.

It is important to treat sewage otherwise the water will be polluted.

1. My opinion is sewage disposed of in rivers would affect the quality of life for the locals who live around the river because it could go into bottled water and could even poison fish and various other animals that are fit for human consumption.

Matthew B. Short has written: 'Evaluation of Illinois sieved stream sediment data, 1982-1995' -- subject(s): Analysis, Water, Trace elements, Water quality, River sediments, Pollution 'Biological and water quality survey of the Vermilion River, Vermilion County, Illinois, 1994' -- subject(s): Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Sewage disposal in rivers, lakes, etc, Sewage disposal in rivers, lakes, Water quality

There are various causes pollution in river Thames. These include direct industrial discharge, polluted river and tributaries discharge, sewage influences and Storm water deposition.

Richard L. Marella has written: 'Estimated discharge of treated wastewater in Florida, 1990' -- subject(s): Sewage disposal, Sewage disposal in rivers, lakes, Sewage disposal in the ground, Statistics, Water use, Water withdrawals 'Water withdrawals, use, discharge, and trends in Florida, 1995' -- subject(s): Statistics, Water consumption, Water use, Water withdrawals 'Water withdrawals in Florida during 1990, with trends from 1950 to 1990' -- subject(s): Water consumption, Water resources development 'National water quality assessment of the Georgia-Florida Coastal Plain study unit' -- subject(s): Measurement, Sewage disposal, Water consumption, Water quality, Water withdrawals 'Water-use data by category, county and water management district in Florida, 1950-90' -- subject(s): Water use

wastewater is all water that is out processed; sewage is water that comes from the toilet areas alone

water filtration plant

Water sewage, chemicals.

Paul Hansen has written: 'Increasing the efficiency of small water works and sewage treatment plants' -- subject(s): Purification, Water, Sewage disposal, Sewage

My brother and sisters, I swear to get I am telling you the truth that Sewage water is the safe heaven for hepatitis c virus. I know sewage water truck drivers whom 90 % of them are infected with HCV.

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