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The Coca-Cola formula is The Coca-Cola Company's top-secret recipe for Coca-Cola. The formula is considered one of the most closely-held trade secrets in modern business. Only a few top Coca-Cola employees are reported to know or have access to the formula.

Merchandise 7X is the "secret ingredient" in Coca-Cola. The ingredient has remained a secret since its invention in 1886. The description of the ingredient is kept in a security vault in a bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Only two people in the company know the formula at any one time.

Published accounts say it contains or once contained sugar, caramel, caffeine, phosphoric acid, coca leaf and kola nut extract, lime extract, flavoring mixture, vanilla and glycerin. Alleged syrup recipes vary greatly, and Coca-Cola reluctantly admits the formula has changed over the decades.

Officially, from the label itself, as all products are required to list them:

Carbonated water

High fructose corn syrup (and/or cane sugar*)

Caramel color

Phosphoric acid

Natural flavors (the secret part)


*Some minor changes, such as the sugar used and the amount of each ingredient, will occur between regions.
the ingrdients are love, spice, and everything nice.
"Coke" is the Trademark name for Coca-Cola. The carbonated beverage contains water, sugar (or corn syrup), phosphoric acid, flavorings, caramel color, and caffeine.

(The slang term coke means cocaine, an opiate crystalline powder that is often diluted with other chemicals.)

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Q: What are the ingredients in Coca-Cola?
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