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What are the ingredients in Latavi and what are the side effects?

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Rule of thumb ... if you are looking for this product on the internet and it does not tell you the ingredients in it (herbal or not) then DON'T BUY IT! I hunted through the Internet and they mention Herbs, but DID NOT mention one herb. I got the names of the two herbs mentioned below from the person that wrote they worked for that company in a post on a board. Here is a person off a board that works for the company and says it DOES NOT WORK! "Do yourself a favor and please research this company from The name of the company is "Concurrence LLC" and located in Widham, Maine. They have a negative report of not refunding the money, late deliveries and not listing the ingredients in this product (some ingredients were simply Black Cohosh and Dong Quai, but there are others unlisted." A bottle that lasts 1 month costs $85!!! Don't waste your money. Also, some companies will pay people for testimonials and that's no secret. Any company that refuses to list the ingredients has no secret greater than all the other bogus breast enhancing products on the market. Some people feel because it says "herbal" that it's healthy to take, but did you know that many of our conventional medicines are made from herbs? Herbs can interact with other meds you are on or, you could be allergic to certain Herbs. Be smart, and realize, if you aren't happy with your breast size then go to the pros (plastic surgeons) and have a consultation with them. There is a website called NBE Quest which lists the ingredients of natural breast enhancement formulations and has records of more than 150 products. However even this detailed site admits defeat with Latavi and simply reports the ingredients as unlisted.

2007-01-05 09:45:19
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