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Mineral Oil and Fragrance.

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Is it ok if a animal licks baby oil?

Baby oil is usually purified mineral oil, and it can contain other ingredients such as perfume. If the amount the animal has consumed is small, it should be no problem to the animal.

Can you use baby oil with breasts enhancing ingredients cream?

There is no such thing as Breast enhancing cream and companies producing and selling is just a scam. Baby oil is safe to use as it helps to moisturises the skin.

Is baby oil a mineral oil?

Baby oil is scented mineral oil.

Is baby oil the same as mineral oil?

Yes, baby oil is the same thing as mineral oil. The difference is that the baby oil is perfumed oil.

What ingredients are in crude oil?

dookey is in crude oil

What ingredients are in oil?


What is the scientific name for baby oil?

baby oil

Is baby oil renewable?

baby oil is not renewable

What ingredients does Marvel Mystery Oil contain?

Marvel Mystery Oil is a type of oil which is used for cars and a preferred oil among mechanics. However, the ingredients for this product are not listed.

What are the ingredients in vegetable oil?

Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil is made only of Soy Bean Oil. Other brands may combine other ingredients.

What is the Difference between mineral oil and baby oil?

Baby oil is mineral oil that has had a scent added to it.

What fluids are in a liquid motion toy?

Since it is a toy, they use all FDA approved ingredients. Simple food coloring in water...clear liquid is baby oil (or FDA approved mineral oil).

Difference between mineral and baby oil?

baby oil is scented mineral oil

What makes pizza good Oil or the ingredients?

The ingredients used and the skill of the chef.

What is baby oil used for?

Baby oil is used for lubrication of a baby, or anyone for that matter's, skin.

What is the purpose of oil in cake?

The oil is what holds all the ingredients together.

Can oil make plants grow?

depends on the type of oil and the ingredients

What is baby oil made from?

The two ingredients in popular brands of baby oil are mineral oil and fragrance. That's what you'll find in Johnson & Johnson and Equate brands. Other brands may "tweak" the formulation. Burt's Bees uses apricot oil. Erbaviva uses almond, safflower and jojoba oils. Earth Mama Angel uses grape seed oil. Other brands use calendula oil.

Is baby oil good for your hair?

Is baby oil good for hair

Is baby oil a pure substance or mixture?

Baby oil is a mixture.

What plant is baby oil from?

Baby oil does not come from a plant, it is a mineral oil made from distilled petroleum.

Can you oil your guns with baby oil?


What are the ingredients in soap?

Water, oil, and lye

What are the ingredients to Mentos?

sugar and oil of peppermint

What ingredients are in plastic wrap?

crude oil